Police continue search for man in Franklin shooting incident


FRANKLIN — State and local police are continuing to search for a man involved in a gun-related incident early Wednesday morning which resulted in homes being evacuated and several city streets closed.
Police Chief David Goldstein said that police are searching for Ryan Philip Brouillard, 33, of 21 Pleasant St., Franklin, and confirmed that city and state police officers and a SWAT had been deployed on Prospect Street following a 2:15 a.m. incident in which police responded to a report of a gunshot.
He said that officers encountered Brouillard on Pleasant Street and, after being confronted with a firearm, backed off and secured the area while calling for assistance.
Brouillard, who is described as being 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 250 pounds, "was involved in a domestic disturbance and fled on foot, firing his firearm" said Goldstein, who said no police officers were wounded in the incident, although there were some injuries. He provided no further details on the injuries.
State troopers and police from several surrounding towns continued to search the area for Brouillard throughout the morning and a State Police helicopter was seen hovering over the Prospect, Pleasant and Oak street area for much of the morning. Barricades which had closed the streets to traffic were removed shortly before noon.
"We're just hoping that he will do the right thing and turn himself into police" said Goldstein, who said that police consider Brouillard to be "armed and dangerous and should not be approached. If you see him please call 911." Those with information are encouraged to call Franklin police at 603-934-2535.

12-28 closed road

Prospect Street in Franklin was closed off earlier today as police searched for a man believed to have fired a gun in a domestic dispute. The road is now open, but the search is still on for the man. (Roger Amsden/for The Laconia Daily Sun)

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Wrong place, right time

Laconia police arrest parolee for heroin when on unrelated case


LACONIA — A Rockingham County parolee is being held on $20,000 cash-only bail for drug possession with the intent to distribute it after a local parole officer went looking for one man and found him instead.

12-28 Ed ChambersEdward C. Chambers, 38, who told police his address is in Laconia, is charged with one count of possession of heroin with intent to distribute it, two counts of possession of a controlled drug, one count of falsifying physical evidence and one count of being a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon.

Affidavits obtained from the Belknap County Superior Court said that Chris Hamel, the parole officer for Dylan W. Miles, 26, of 19 Varney Court, conducted a home visit after Miles allegedly failed a urine test. Miles said he thought only his grandmother was home though he wasn't sure.

Hamel called Laconia for some support and went with Laconia Police Narcotics Detective Kendra Neri to Miles' home. After being let into the house by someone else who lives there, the two went into a bedroom and found Chambers, who was not known to the officers at the time.

Chambers refused to identify himself. Hamel told him to get off the mattress he was sitting on and go into the hallway. Chambers complied but began protesting, still refusing to identify himself to either Hamel or Neri.

Hamel, according to affidavits, asked Chambers if he had any weapons on him and Chambers turned his back to Hamel. Neri said as Chambers turned, she saw he had a sheathed knife resting in his right back pocket and warned Hamel.

Affidavits said Chambers allegedly grabbed the handle of the knife and Hamel pushed him against the wall and disengaged his hand from the knife handle. Chambers allegedly struggled a little while Hamel was handcuffing him, but still protested, saying he didn't want police in the house. Hamel removed the 9-inch knife with a 4-inch blade from the sheath and gave it to Neri for his safety.

When Hamel asked Chambers if he was a convicted felon, Chambers admitted he was.

During a further search of Chambers, Neri found a black sunglasses case in his front pocket that contained five straws with a white residue on them, a digital scale, and a large clear plastic bag that contained 11 smaller bags that contained an brown, chunky material that Neri recognized as heroin. The case also contained a green plastic bag that had cut up orange strips that she recognized as Suboxone.

Chambers was taken to the Laconia Police Department where he was searched again by a male sergeant, who found a second small bag with brown powdery substance that also resembled heroin.

While Chambers was in the booking room, a second officer saw that Chambers had something in his hand that appeared to be another small green bag that he had allegedly torn into pieces. The second officer was unable to determine what was in the bag before Chambers tore it into pieces.

Miles was also sent to the Belknap County house of Corrections for violations that include failing to respond truthfully to Hamel about his drug use, carrying a fixed knife with a 7-inch blade, for consorting with Chambers who is a convicted felon, and for possession of a small amount of heroin/fentanyl that was found in his car.

He is being held on $300 cash $50,000 corporate surety according to the Belknap County House of Corrections.

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Changes at the top of the GMP

Liz Lapham to retire this week, Monica Philbin to take her place


MEREDITH — Liz Lapham has announced she will retire as executive director of the Greater Meredith Program at the end of the year, when she will be succeeded by Monica Philbin.

Liz LaphamDuring her tenure, Lapham, with support from the program's board of directors and cadre of volunteers, has overseen the the development of the Meredith Sculpture Walk, restoration of the Wicwas Lake Grange, annual Fourth of July fireworks, a number of beautification projects and most recently the "Do the Loop" promotion. At the same time, she has represented the program in a variety of forums, lending its perspective to other municipal and civic projects.

"it has been an honor to be part of this wonderful community organization," Lapham said, "and I am so pleased with all the great things that have been accomplished."

Philbin, who has served as technical administrator for the program, said that "working with Liz at the Greater Meredith Program has been a wonderful learning experience that I will be privileged to draw from. Her leadership as well as her partnership in this transition leave the program in a position of strength."

Following a career in nursing, Philbin, together with her husband, operates Steven Hayden Arts and, as a consultant, provides artists, sole proprietors and small businesses with graphic services, web design and social media marketing services.

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