Man who died in Sanbornton crash was passenger

SANBORNTON – A 24-year-old man killed Tuesday night in a single-car rollover crash on Burleigh Hill Road was the passenger in the crash.
The man's mother identified him to The Daily Sun on Thursday as Jared Grenier, and confirmed he had died. Grenier's name came not from police directly, but from the Sanbornton Police Facebook page, where commenters on the police press release posted the name. In yesterday's story, the Daily Sun inadvertently named Grenier the driver.
The driver, who remains unidentified, was taken to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon where he was reported on Tuesday to be in critical condition.
Police said a preliminary investigation indicates that speed and alcohol could be factors in the crash and that the Belknap County Attorney's office was investigating the case.

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Sticker shock - Gilford backs off on plan to require decals on residents’ vehicles to use beach, dump, recycling

GILFORD – It took but one resident to object to the selectmen's proposal to charge $5 for an annual municipal sticker or decal allowing only residents to use local services, and after she spoke at Wednesday's meeting the proposed fee is dead.
Cathy Dumais was the only resident to attend but she told selectmen that charging people the decal fee to do their business in town was wrong and insulting.
"This is a slap in the face," Dumais said, noting that she has lived in town for 17 years and her tax bill just went up $200. "This gives the town a bad name."
Selectmen had proposed a change to a municipal ordinance that would allow the town to collect $5 for the sticker that is affixed to a resident's car. The stickers are issued annually and identify Gilford residents who want to use the recycling center, the town beach and the Glendale docks, and other town facilities. About 10,000 are issued annually according to board members.
Selectman Chairman Gus Benavides said in the course of the board's recent 2016 budget process it noticed there is a cost to buying and printing the stickers. He said selectmen estimated there could be about $30,000 in revenue associated with the $5 fee and this was an attempt to recoup some of those costs.
"You wouldn't run a business this way," he said.
Undeterred, Dumais said that she felt this is why she pays taxes. She also said that many families in Gilford have multiple cars and would have to pay more than the $5. She added there are some people in town who could not afford to pay for the stickers and said denying them access to the beach or other town facilities wouldn't be right.
Dumais said there are other ways the town could save money and specifically asked why it sent letters to people telling them how much they will owe to re-register their cars.
"We own cars – we know this," she said.
Selectmen said they would ask Town Clerk/Tax Collector Denise Gonyer how much the letters cost.
After Dumais spoke, Benavides asked for a motion to move forward with the ordinance change that would allow the town to charge the $5 per car, but none of the selectmen were willing to make one so it failed.
In other town business, the board agreed by consensus to allow the Town Clark Tax Collector Office to close a 12:30 p.m. on Dec. 24. Assistant TCTC Jen Mooney made the request as part of the department's regular update to the board.
Mooney said that employees would have to use their own vacation time.
Town Administrator Scott Dunn said that residents should know that the rest of the town offices and departments would be open until their regular closing times and that this was not something that was being paid for by the taxpayers.

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'Tis the season for pet adoption

LACONIA — As local residents begin to plan their holiday shopping missions, a couple of local organizations are asking that they consider picking up a new family member. The week following Thanksgiving is a good time to adopt a pet, according to two local humane societies.

"Life has slowed down a little bit, people are in their routine, it's a good time for the whole family," said Molly King Lounsbury, development assistant at New Hampshire Humane Society in Laconia. Welcoming a dog or cat into a home in early December gives the animal a chance to acquaint itself with its new surroundings and family members before the excitement and turbulence of the holidays arrive.

To make the adoptions more convenient for shoppers, the New Hampshire Humane Society will have a couple dozen dogs and puppies to the Belknap Mall on Nov. 27 for its Black Friday Adopt-a-thon. From 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., the society will be offering same-day adoptions, for the fee of $325 for adult dogs, $375 for puppies and $125 for senior dogs. Those hoping to take advantage of the adopt-athon should bring proof of home ownership or a lease agreement that shows that pets are permitted, and vaccination records for other pets in the home. All family members, including other dogs, should come to meet the prospective pet, and adopters must be 21 or older.

King Lounsbury said the trip to the Belknap Mall would be too stressful for cats, so they will be staying at the Humane Society. They have so many of them – more than 100, in fact – that the society will be hosting "Caturday" on the day after Black Friday.

The Lakes Region Humane Society, in Ossipee, also has a cascade of cats.
"We are up to our ears in cats," said Megan Fichter, managing director.
She agreed that the end of November and early December are good times for adoption. She likes to see the animals go to homes before the first of the year so that they don't get stuck at the shelter all winter.

Fichter said the traffic at the shelter slows down in the fall, when summer residents head south and locals turn their attention to school and work. There's a bump in interest immediately after Thanksgiving, which lasts through December.
"If any animals are left here, they're stuck for a couple of months," she said. "January, February, March are about dead here. We want to get as many animals that are here out of here before that lag hits."

For those considering adoption, Fichter suggested starting by researching the websites of local humane societies. If there's interest in a particular animal, Fichter said potential adopters should call first to ensure that the animal is still available and to inquire about the adoption application process. She also suggested that potential adopters decide what type of pet would best fit into the lifestyle that they lead. An energetic puppy is endearing at the shelter, but may be problematic in a sedate home.
"Try and stick to that [mindset], so you and the animal will be happier," she said.

The Franklin Animal Shelter also has animals available for adoption. It's a smaller shelter, only accepting animals from Franklin, either as strays or surrenders. As of Friday, manager Charlotte Rice said there were four dogs, two cats and two kittens available. She agreed that it was better to bring a new animal into a home during the relative calm of early December, yet she wouldn't try and dissuade someone who wanted their children to wake up to find a new pet on Christmas morning. "There's a lot of commotion at Christmas time, but anytime is a good time to adopt. If someone is willing to take in an animal and give it a good home, anytime is great for that."

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