Naz Aquamania Plans to make a big splash this weekend

LACONIA —An in-water boat show featuring the latest boats and water toys will be held this weekend at the NASWA resort on the Weirs Channel.
Naz Aquamania will be the largest in the water boat show on Lake Winnipesaukee and will feature the latest boats from four of the largest boat dealers on the lake, as well as personal watercraft and stand-up paddleboards, wakeboards, tubes and towables that provide enjoyment for all ages in the water.

Cynthia Makris, NASWA president, says that the idea for the event came to her while she was in Florida along with her mother, Hope, in February.

''I looked at the calendar and came up with the idea as something we could do to have an event during the lull between Memorial Day weekend and Bike Week. An in-water boat show seemed a natural event that would highlight the businesses in the area. So I called Vin Mullarkey at Channel Marine and Kevin Keenan at Paugus Bay Marina and they both agreed it was a good idea and said they'd take part,'' says Makris.

She then contacted Jeff Levitan, vice president and sales manager of Mix 94.1 radio. The station does remote broadcasts every Friday for weekend kickoffs, which originate from a Channel Marine boat docked at the NASWA. Levitan was enthusiastic about promoting the event.

Naz Aquamania will feature four boats from each of the participating marinas — Channel Marine, Silver Sands Marina, Paugus Bay Marina and Irwin Marine — and water toys from HK Powersports and Sports & Marine Parafunalia as well as marine audio and GPS devices from Vanworks.

Irwin Marine, established in 1919 making it the oldest boat dealer on the lake, offers Sea Ray boats, Meridian Yachts, Berkshire pontoon boats as well as Alumacraft boats and personal watercraft.
Paugus Bay Marina offers the Formula and Bryant boat lines, while Channel Marine, which has been around since 1946, features Bennington pontoon boats, Cruiser SporteSeries and Yamaha marine engines.

Silver Sands boat line includes Regal, Master Craft and Carver yachts.

HK Powersports offers both Sea-Doo and Yamaha personal watercraft while Sports & Marine Parafunalia has a full-line of wakeboards, stand-up paddle boards and water trampolines.

''There's going to be a lot for people interested in boats and watersports to take in at our docks and and beach,'' says Makris, who says there will be lots of food and refreshments available at the NazBar and Grill with live music both days at the beach where 94.1 FM will be broadcasting live on both days.

The event will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday, with live music at 2 p.m. Saturday from Brothers Way, and at 2 p.m. on Sunday from MB Padfield.

Makris says that the event will kick off a busy month of June for the NASWA, which will see the ninth annual Peter Makris Memorial Ran on Saturday, July 13, and a celebration of the NASWA's 80th birthday and Saturday, June 27. The birthday celebration will feature a giant fireworks display that night as well as a celebration of the sixth annual NASWA Day on Sunday which will be attended by Gov. Maggie Hassan, who will be presenting a proclamation honoring the family-owned resort which is run by its third generation of women.

Official drop outs can usually be counted on 2 hands, or less

CONCORD — In 2010, the N.H. Department of Education changed the way it calculated the dropout rates for individual districts. Before this, the state used one year of actual data and projected it forward for four years and estimated a rate.
Since 2010, it uses the same method as it does for tracking graduation rates.
This system still leaves a number of students unaccounted for but the actual number of dropouts and people who earned a GED from one particular class is more accurately reflected.
Newfound Regional has made the best showing for lowering the number of dropouts. In 2010, the district recorded 8 students as dropouts while in 2014, there were only two. Two others completed a GED or equivalent before October of 2014.
Inter-Lakes has two dropouts in 2014 and three recorded in 2010. The years between were consistent with a bump in 2011 that saw 5 students classified as dropouts.
Belmont High School and Winnisquam Regional High School each recorded one student who dropped out in 2014. In 2010, dropouts numbered four and zero respectively. In Belmont, three student earned a GED in 2010.
Gilford High School recorded five students who dropped out in 2014 as compared to two who dropped out in 2010. In 2010 one student earned a GED while in 2014 two GED were recorded.
Laconia High School saw a significant reduction in the number of dropouts from nine in 2010 to four in 2014. Ten students earned a GED in 2010 while 11 earned one in 2014.
Franklin High School recorded four students who dropped out in 2010 which increased to 10 in 2014. Thirteen students earned a GED in 2014 in Franklin while one was recorded in 2010.
In 2010, Prospect Mountain reported three students as dropouts and in 2014 reported one student as a dropout. Five students earned a GED in 2014 and none were earned in 2010.
The story not told is what happened to the students who were included in the N.H. Department of Education groupings, but not accounted for in either the graduation rate or listed as either a dropout or someone who passed the GED.
For example, in Laconia in the Class of 2010 there were 224 students and 193 of them graduated. Ten of them earned a GED before October of 2010 and nine of them were officially classified as dropouts. That leaves 12 students in that class who are unaccounted for.
Statewide, on average 7 percent of the students who began in a class are unaccounted for, meaning they could be working, dead, or have earned a GED or an alternative high school degree after the October deadline. Students who are home-schooled are also not included in these figures.

Graduation numbers dramatize how Lakes Region class sizes have shrunk in recent years, except for Prospect Mountain

CONCORD – According to statistics provided by the N.H. Department of Education, the 2006 freshman class at Laconia High School, which was the graduating class of 2010, had 224 students.
By 2010, the incoming freshman class consisted of the 149 students who comprised the 2014 graduating class. In five years, the drop in the number of freshman students was 33 percent.
Statewide, there were 16,773 freshmen in 2006 and 14,984 freshman in 2010 — a drop of 1,789 students in public schools. This figure includes state charter schools but doesn't include private and/or religious schools. Over all that represents a 10.66 percent drop in public school students.
Belmont High School had 128 students in freshman class of 2010 and 100 in freshman class of 2010 or graduating class of 2014. This represented a decrease of 23 percent. The Belmont freshman class includes students from Canterbury.
Gilford High School had a freshman class in 2006 of 155 students. In 2010, the freshman class was 130 students or a drop of 25 students or 16.12 percent. The Gilford freshman class includes students from Gilmanton.
In 2010, Newfound Regional had a 116 students in the 2006 freshman class. In 2010 there were 101 students in the freshman class or a 12 percent decline in student enrollment.
Winnisquam had 146 students in the 2006 freshman class cohort while the number of students in the 2010 freshman class decreased to 118 in 2014 or dropped 19 percent.
At Inter-Lakes High School, the 2006 freshman class had 108, an amount that dropped to 93 in the 2010 freshman class. This represents a decrease of 13.8 percent.
The 2010 class in Franklin was 129 students while the number of students in the class of 2014 was 107, reflecting a drop of 17 percent. Beginning next year, students from Hill will be attending the Newfound Regional School District and not Franklin, although juniors and seniors will be allowed to complete their diploma programs at Franklin.
At Prospect Mountain in Alton, 136 students began in the 2006 freshman class while 142 students started in the 2010 freshman class making the Alton and Barnstead area the only area in the Lakes Region that has actually seen an increase in young people coming into to the area.