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County says it has urgent need for fund transfer approvals

LACONIA — The Belknap County Commission requested last night that the Executive Committee of the Belknap County Convention meet as soon as possible to approve some fund transfers it says it needs to keep the nursing home functional.

The problem, said commissioners, is the budget line item for part-time employees will be spent before the end of the week and with the recent Superior Court injunction stopping commissioners from transferring more than $300 from line item to line item, the commission is powerless to fix the problem.

Last night, they gave County Administrator Deb Shackett approval to move some of the part-time employees to temporary full-time status so the nursing home can continue to be staffed.

Shackett said there is money in the full-time employee budget line and the nursing home is in no danger of overspending its budget, however without the Executive Committee's approval, the money cannot be transferred from full to part-time lines.

The commissioners are asking to transfer $30,000 from the full-time RN line, $75,000 from the full-time LPN line, $9,000 from the full-time medication nursing assistant line, and $240,000 from the full-time licensed nursing assistance lines.

Along with $57,676 from a few other nursing home lines, commissioners want to augment the part-time RN line by $95,951, the part-time LPN line by $120,880, the LNA part-time line by $156,103 and the overtime line by $38,742.

Shackett said that because of the temporary status, none of them people who agree to accept full-time status will be paid any benefits.

Commissioners said this is the fourth time they have asked the Executive Committee to meet to make the transfers but to date they have not agreed to meet.

The Executive Committee met on Monday night but the commissioners did not place any transfer requests on the agenda or attend the meeting. In a letter addressed to Rep. Frank Tilton (R-Laconia) dated yesterday, the commissioners protested that lawmakers knew (through their attorney) as early as September 4 that neither they nor Shackett would be available to attend a meeting on the 15th. Further, they said, Shackett personally informed Tilton on Sept. 11 that the Sept. 15 meeting date would not work for the commission but there was going to be a pressing need to have a meeting to consider transfer requests in the near future.

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Laconia airport manager leaving for Florida post

LACONIA — Municipal Airport Manager Diane Cooper Terrill announced her resignation to the Airport Authority last night, Belknap County Commissioner Steve Nedeau (R-Meredith) informed the Belknap County Commission. Nedeau is the the commissions representative on the authority board.

Terrill has accepted a position as one of three managers at the Naples (Florida) Municipal Airport and is leaving Laconia in the middle of October.

Terrill began her career with the Laconia Airport Authority in 1990 when she took a job as a part-time administrative assistant and bookkeeper.

Rising through the ranks, she became the assistant manager in 1996 and was appointed manager in 1999.

Terrill is the president of the Granite State Airport Management Association.

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Clarification: Strategic Plan Committee will not be using N.H. Listens

In reference to an article published in The Daily Sun on Thursday, the Strategic Plan Committee for the Laconia School District will not be using N.H. Listens for facilitating the community meeting scheduled for October 18 but will be using a local person trained by them as a facilitator. The decision of whether or not to hire a coordinator for developing the plan will made after the community meeting.

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Homecoming parade promoting 'Colors for a Cause'

LACONIA — Laconia High School will be holding its annual Homecoming Parade on Friday at 4 p.m.

The goal of the current Student Council officers is to positively impact the school, as well as the community and charitable organizations, therefore this year they decided to promote "Colors for a Cause" as a homecoming theme idea. Although there were various float themes to choose from, the school voted on the theme Color for a Cause, indicating the general student bodies support in the Student Council's mission. Each grade has chosen a charitable organization, in which they will support and bring awareness to through their float display. The colors chosen are red, green, pink and purple, which represent the following organizations: The American Red Cross by the Freshmen Class, The United Nations Environmental Program by the Sophomore Class, The American Cancer Society by the Junior Class, and the N.H. Humane Society by the Senior Class.

The theme this year will do more than carry on the Sachems' tradition, as it will also allow each grade to give back to their chosen organization. All grades have been encouraged to make a donation at the end of homecoming to support charity they are bringing awareness too. Some classes will be providing their organization with a monetary donation, however, the Senior Class will be using its money to purchase various pet supplies that will directly help the animals at the Humane Society. 

The Senior Class will be walking their dogs behind the float for the parade and has invited volunteers from the N.H. Humane Society to walk with them in the procession. All community members are encouraged to bring their dogs to the parade, as the students will be handing out dog treats to pets during the parade procession. 

"Homecoming this year has brought our class closer together, while showing school spirit and all working towards the common goal of spreading awareness for a great cause," said Lily Chanthasak, senior at LHS.

The parade will leave from the high school and travel down Union Avenue to Veteran's square. For more information regarding the parade call the Laconia High School main office, at 524-8683.

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