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Ashland police think store bandits may be same 2 men who robbed Circle K in Gilford on Sat. night

ASHLAND — Police are investigating the attempted robbery of the Circle K on West Street convenience store that occurred Sunday morning at 6 a.m.

Lt. Don Marin said two people wearing masks went into the store but the lone clerk was in a back office.

He said the two apparently got scared and ran off.

Marin said he has been in contact with the Gilford Police because the description of the masks used in Ashland's attempted robbery were similar to those used in the armed robbery at midnight Sunday of the Big Apple Convenience Store on Country Club Road.

In the Gilford case, police said two masked people entered the store and pointed a handgun at the clerk who gave them all of the money. The clerk called 9-1-1 immediately after the bandits left and was unharmed.

Police in both communities said the clerks were working alone during the Gilford robbery and the Ashland attempted robbery.

Marin said the video cameras showed the two who intended to rob the Circle K may have been driving a gray 2000 to 2005 Volkswagen Passat.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Ashland Police at 968-4000 or the Gilford Police at 527-4737.

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Tilton brush fire reaches home on Sanborn Road

TILTON — Firefighters extinguished a brush fire on Sanborn Road that had started to spread to a home Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

Tilton-Northfield Fire Chief Mike Robinson said the fire began in the wooded area next to the home. When firefighters got notified that the fire had started burning the side of the house, he said the supervisor called for a first alarm.

Firefighters from Gilford, Belmont, Franklin, and Sanbornton responded, however Tilton-Northfield Firefighters were able to stop it from doing a lot of a damage to the exterior of the house.

Robinson said there was some minor charring.

Robinson said he doesn't know what started the blaze but noted that it has been unusually dry and windy. He said people should use extra caution until the area gets some rain or snow.

Late afternoon yesterday Gilford firefighters put out a grass fire that burned between two homes on Salt Marsh Pond Road.

A neighbor said one of the homeowners appeared to have put a bucket of ashes outside and the wind picked up the sparks and started some leaves on fire. He said the charred area was about the size of half of a football field.

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Foley Oil planning to move office from Laconia to Belmont

BELMONT — Foley Oil Company is planning to relocate the front office portion of its company to Old State Road in Belmont.

Company President Jeff Pierson has submitted an application for a site plan approval to the Belmont Planning Board for a 60-foot by 36-foot addition to their existing garage.

"This building will house all vehicles and office space for our company," wrote Pierson in his Planning Board application. "The only additional use of the property will be that our administrative officer will be moved here, making it a primary workplace for four additional employees.

He said there may be the occasional customer who will come to Old Stage Road to pay a bill.

Last month, Foley Oil closed its longtime service station that is on the "V" corner of Route 106 and Garfield Street in Laconia.

At the time, Pierson said he had thought of opening a small convenience store on the location, like the two others the company operates in Bristol and Enfield, but said the spot was just too small.

He also said that the tanks would need to be upgraded in 2015 to meet new federal standards and the size and volume of the full-serve station couldn't financially justify the additional investment.

Since its closure, Pierson had had the underground tanks removed and has put a fresh coat of paint on the building. He said he has been working with Laconia City Planner Shanna Saunders to see what options he has for the old gas station.

Pierson's addition in Belmont will also house a garage big enough for three oil tankers, as well as the office. All of Foley's bulk oil storage is already housed at the Belmont site.

The application obtained from the Belmont Planning Board indicates that all of the department heads have reviewed and signed-off on the planned proposal. The Highway Department superintendent noted that the culvert at the driveway entrance should be replaced and Pierson said yesterday it is part of the project.

Pierson said he expects to begin construction on the new addition in the spring.

He said his business goal was to bring everybody into the same place and that it will be more efficient for his delivery drivers to have their home base in the same location as the bulk storage and the office.

As for the current office on South Main Street in Laconia, Pierson said the company will be staying there through out the winter. Built on the site of the former Charlie's Diner, Pierson said the company purchased the property and built the office building in 2002.

Pierson said plans for the existing office space are not finalized.

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Councilors swap sharp opinions over $1.8M school borrowing

LACONIA — The City Council gave a first reading to the School District's request to authorize borrowing $1,828,000 to fund renovations at Laconia High School last night, but only after a sharp exchange between Councilors Brenda Baer (Ward 4), who alone dissented, and Henry Lipman (Ward 3), chairman of the council's Finance Committee.

Councilors Lipman, Matt Lahey (Ward 2) and Armand Bolduc (Ward 6) voted for the first reading of the resolution to authorize the borrowing. Councilors Ava Doyle (Ward 1)and Bob Hamel (Ward 5) were absent. A public hearing on the issue, followed by the second and final resolution to authorize the borrowing is scheduled for the next regular meeting of the council on November 12.

Two weeks ago, Baer was lone dissenter when the City Council gave the School District a green light to pursue a Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB), a loan bearing no interest awarded by the federal government and administered by the New Hampshire Department of Education. She renewed her opposition when the resolution authorizing the borrowing reached the council again last night.

Baer objected to the first reading of the resolution, claiming there has been no public hearing or discussion by the council and no final vote would be taken until after the November 5 election. She said that the loan requires a 10 percent local match and questioned how the School District intends to draw $180,000 from the capital campaign, which funded the expansion of the Huot Regional Technical Educaiton Center and building of Bank of New Hampshire Stadium. Baer warned that the $78,261 in annual payments over 23 years to repay the borrowing would drive the municipal debt service beyond the $3.2 million limit keep overall property tax burden within the city's cap.

The School District, countered Lipman, "is not asking for one nickel from us." He reminded Baer that the School Board has undertaken to service the borrowing from its operating budget. Likewise, he stressed that funds will be spent addressing health and safety issues by installing a sprinkler system and air handlers as well as removing asbestos and radon gas.

Baer said that school officials have known about the life-safety concerns for some time, but chose to reconstruct the playing fields. "They didn't just pop up," she snapped. Furthermore, she suggested that if the School District could service the debt from its operating budget, then its budget must be inflated.

Lipman reminded Baer that the School District balanced its budget within the tax cap despite foregoing $500,000 in state aid. He repeated that the funds will be applied to life-safety issues. "This is the best way to do it for the taxpayers," he said. "You're suggesting we wait till we have to do it — a fire. This is an orderly way to do it."

Mayor Mike Seymour, visibly troubled by Baer's suggestions that QZAB may be matched or repaid at the city's expense, asked Ed Emond, business administrator of the School District, to explain how the loan would be serviced. Recalling that the School District received a QZAB of $6.5 million to fund the expansion of the Huot Center, construction of science laboratories and reconfiguration of the playing fields, he said that the loan was matched by the capital campaign. That fundraising effort, he said, provides sufficient resources in cash and in kind to match the second QZAB.

NOTE: What Captain Bill Clary told the City Council began as a search for a treadmill for the Police Department led to a wellness challenge and an award of $3,486.75 from the New Hampshire Interlocal Trust, which in partnership with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care provides health insurance to the police force. Meredith Roy, wellness coordinator for the trust, said that a six-month wellness challenge, with specific goals, was designed for the department. In presenting the check she described the officers performance as "outstanding." Roy said 80-percent of the employees participated, more than twice the average for work-sites, and 77 percent completed the challenge.

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