Man escapes from police, trips on bike, is captured


LACONIA — A Franklin man allegedly escaped through a window in a Belknap County Sheriff's transport vehicle while being taken from the Superior Court House to the jail.

Detective Sgt. William Wright said Wednesday that Anthony DeForge, 28, of 9 Pearl St. "slithered" out of the window when the deputy driving the car stopped for traffic at the intersection of Main and Pleasant Streets Tuesday afternoon.

The deputy called for assistance and pursued DeForge as he ran toward the Soda Shoppe but once he got a hold on him, he slipped and injured his right elbow.

DeForge continued running but an alert civilian pushed a bicycle into his path and he tripped on it.

DeForge, said Wright, was taken into custody by two members of the Laconia Police Department.

DeForge had appeared earlier in the Belknap County Superior Court and pleaded not guilty to possession with intent to sell methamphetamine after being arrested on an outstanding warrant by Tilton Police at Walmart.

While he was in court on Tuesday, DeForge was clearly upset and at one point interrupted his attorney who was arguing on his behalf for bail. There was some discrepancy about his criminal history as presented to the court with DeForge contending that some of the history belonged to his father and not him.

Presiding Justice James O'Neill reduced DeForge's bail from $25,000 cash-only to $15,000 cash or corporate surety and ordered the prosecutor and the defense to gather the correct criminal history for DeForge. Once the correct information was available, O'Neill said he would allow a second bail hearing.

Facing new felony charges of escape and resisting arrest, DeForge appeared again in the Belknap County Superior Court Wednesday and entered a plea of not guilty.

Man slips out window on tied-together bedsheets to avoid police, is caught


LACONIA — Like something from a movie, a man wanted by police for burglary tried to escape them by sliding down tied-together bed sheets from the fourth floor of the Landmark Inn.

08-18 Nestor Rivera 2

Police said Nestor Rivera, 45, for whom no address is listed, allegedly burglarized a home on North Main Street on Tuesday.

Police said Rivera is known to one of the residents of the Main Street home and said that person has a restraining order against him. Police said the victim was able to view the alleged burglary through a camera system in the home.

Rivera allegedly stole three of the resident's wallets, about $960 in cash, several rings and a kitchen knife.

Police were unable to locate Rivera on Tuesday but learned on Wednesday that he was staying at the Landmark Inn. Police tracked him when one of the victims said he kept sending text messages.

Officers arrived at the hotel at 3:24 p.m. with a warrant for his arrest, but Rivera allegedly fled out the window on the tied bed sheets, landed on an overhang and jumped to the ground.

Police chased him on foot as he ran toward Academy Street and caught up with him on Academy Square, which is the site of the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division.

According to records from the Belknap County Corrections website, Rivera is charged with burglary, resisting arrest, receiving stolen property and violating a restraining order.

Rivera is being held on $10,000 cash bail and is schedule to appear for arraignment Thursday at 1:30 p.m. in the Belknap County Superior Court.

More than half Laconia’s students count on school meals, many for 3 squares a day


LACONIA — If, as Ludwig Feuerbach, the 19th century German philosopher, declared, "Man is what he eats," then the students of the Laconia schools are getting a head start from the Laconia School Food Service.

Tim Goossens, director of Food Service, told the School Board this week that the nutritional value of lunches served in the five schools exceeds the standards prescribed by federal government. The Food Service operates five programs, beginning with breakfast and including lunch, after-school snacks and supper for at-risk students. In addition, pupils at the three elementary schools enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables every day. In the summer, the Food Service partners with the Belknap-Merrimack County Community Action Program to offer a food program. The service was the first in the state and remains one of three in the state to offer supper to at-risk students.

Goossens said the district joins with 47 others in a buying group representing 80,000 students, which spares "tens of thousands of dollars" in costs each year.

Goossens said that in the 2015-2016 school year the Food Service served 95,000 breakfasts, 234,000 lunches, 23,500 snacks and 16,200 after-school suppers. The content of all meals and snacks complied with the dietary and nutritional guidelines set by by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. He said that complying with standards poses a challenge, to which his staff has risen. Altogether, the staff of the Food Service has worked in the Laconia School District for 188 years, with Tess Seymour of Woodland Heights Elementary School the most senior with 38 years of experience, closely followed by Verna Peck of Pleasant Street School with 37 years of service.

Goossens said that 62 percent of students in the district qualify for free or reduced lunch. At Woodland Heights Elementary School 73 percent of pupils are eligible, at Elm Street elementary School 62 percent, at Laconia High School 58 percent, at Laconia Middle School 55 percent and at Pleasant Street Elementary School 53 percent.