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Winnisquam board ready to bring football into the fold

TILTON — The Winnisquam Regional School Board voted unanimously last month to put a $28,000 warrant article for funding a high school football program on the warrant of the 2014 school district meeting.
The board adopted the recommendation of its Athletic Committee, which had conducted a study on the long-term sustainability of a football program and had urged that the district ''own and operate the football program''.
The Winnisquam football program has been run by the Friends of Winnisquam Football, a community-funded organization, since its inception in 2005. Home games are played on a field next to Tanger Factory Outlets which is accessed from Rte. 132.
Board member Patricia Sawicki, who chairs the committee, said that there are concerns about the field but they should be addressed in a separate study.
Sean Goodwin said that the major point the committee wanted to make to the board was that ''they are still relying on capable volunteers to fund and operate the most well attended school sponsored athletic event and it is the single sport that attracts school participants of all abilities.''
Interim High School Principal Robert Pedersen said his experience with club programs in other districts has been that schools gain more control and have stronger teams when they are district funded.
Athletic director Zack Medlock said that the football program would be entirely managed by the district and that Friends of Winnisquam Football strongly favor the proposal.
The proposal calls for gate receipts going to the district and concessions revenue going to the Boosters Club, which would continue to operate the concessions.
The issue has been on the ballot several times as a result of petitioned warrant articles, according to School Board Chairman Mike Gagne, who said the study thoroughly addressed concerns which have been raised in the past and earned unanimous support from school board members.

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Man who allegedly ran illicit drug operation out of Laconia storage unit facing nearly a centuries worth of sentences after indictments

LACONIA — A man who was allegedly running his own illicit drug store from a commercial rental space on Province Road has been indicted by a Belknap County grand jury for 13 separate drug counts.

Tobey Comeau, 37, who is being held in the Belknap County Jail, is being prosecuted by the N.H. Attorney General's Office and could face up to 89 years in state prison if he is convicted on all 13 counts.

Comeau faces five counts of possession with intent to sell methamphetamine, one count of possession of anxiety medication, two counts of possession of steroids and two counts of possession with intent to sell steroids, two counts of possession with intent to sell pain killing narcotics and one count of possession of painkillers.

Affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division, say that Laconia Police applied for a received a search warrant for his storage unit and cars at 505 Province Road. They were assisted by Concord Police, where Comeau was living at the time, and the N.H. State Police.

On him, police allegedly found $2,500 and in a search of his car found methamphetamine, steroids, pills that were at the time unidentified, a digital scale, radio equipment, GPS tracking device, and a handgun.

When told Laconia Police would be searching his storage unit on Province Street, he told them they would find a gun near a printer and a shotgun. He said he wasn't sure if there were any drugs there.

Police affidavits said they found several cameras facing inside and outside, counter surveillance equipment and a bag of methamphetamine.

Comeau is being held on $200,000 cash-only bail. At the time of his arraignment in May the affidavits for the search warrants were sealed by the circuit court judge.

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Meredith reinventing Business & Industry (zoning) District

MEREDITH — Among the four amendments to the zoning ordinance recommended by the Planning Board is one that would expand and define the uses permitted in the "Business and Industry District" while maintaining the character of district, particularly its place in the Lake Waukewan watershed.

The district was established in 1983 and consists of approximately 241 acres along Rte. 104 between Rte. 3 to the east and Pease Road and Winona Road to the west. Reservoir Brook meanders through the district before flowing into Lake Waukewan. Of the 63 parcels within the district, 47 are developed and 16 are vacant. The district is screened from the highway a natural or landscaped buffer 50 feet from the right-of-way.

The purpose of the district was to reserve space for industrial growth by prohibiting most commercial uses while providing land for large office buildings. The permitted industrial uses are confined to those without adverse environmental impacts. Currently some 55 firms operate in the district. These include industrial and construction businesses along with service contractors, like landscaping, street sweeping, vehicle repair and an ambulance service.

Recently the district has become home to the Winnipesaukee Playhouse, as well as a chiropractic office, martial arts studio, fitness center and visiting nurse association, all far from the industrial uses originally envisioned.

The amendment would tailor the general purpose of the district to capture the diversity of uses it has come to house over the past 30 years while distinguishing it from residential and retail zones. The district is described as "ideal for small to medium size businesses" that do not "depend on high visibility from the roadway."

The permitted uses include light manufacturing, commercial printing, warehousing, laboratories, storage, building materials, clinics, offices and firewood processing. Building trades, equipment rental and repair, vehicle service, child care, recreational and cultural facilities, schools and restaurants would be permitted by special exception. The uses are clearly defined by the proposed ordinance.

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Tilton bandit helps himself to cash register - 99

TILTON — A man walked into the Tilton Market Place store on Friday evening and helped himself to the contents of the cash register.

According to a police report, a white male entered the downtown business at about 5:30 p.m. and removed the contents of the register "without regard for the cashier. He then fled on foot. No weapon was shown.

Witnesses described the bandit as wearing a black or dark-colored hooded sweatshirt, black of dark-colored baggy pants and a ball cap.

Police ask people who may have information about the crime call the department at 286-44422 or leave a tip at 855-286-6565.

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