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Eric Grant trial for alleged rape scheduled to begin Nov. 12

LACONIA — The trial for the founder and namesake of the popular Eric Grant Band for aggravated felonious sexual assault is scheduled to begin on November 12 in the Belknap County Superior Court.

Grant is charged with digitally penetrating a female child on December 31, 2006. At the time of the alleged crime, the child was under 13.

Grant, a Sanbornton resident, has maintained his innocence and said he would fight the charges.

Earlier this month, Judge James O'Neill ruled that the alleged victim's step-father — a California resident — must be in court if Grant's defense team wishes to call him as a witness.

The man, who Grant's attorney Emily McLaughlin said was sober and present the evening of the alleged assault, said he saw Grant give the girl a "wedgie" that night but didn't see him sexually assault her.

McLaughlin said this statement is consistent with what Grant recalled.

According to paperwork filed in court, the victim, who now lives in California, allegedly told a counselor about the alleged attack. The counselor reported what the victim told her to a police investigator.

Both the state and the defense have agreed to allow the investigator's testimony to be submitted to the jury in the form of her video deposition, however the state has objected to allowing the video deposition of the alleged victim's therapist be entered by the defense without her being present.

A final pre-trail session is scheduled for this week.

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Over weekend, 1 Laconia convenience store target of burglar(s) & another robbed by man on a bike

LACONIA — Police were kept busy this weekend by an attempted burglary at a Church Street convenience store early Sunday morning and the robbery of a different convenience store later that evening.

In the first matter, a police officer on routine patrol found a ladder leaned against the back wall of the Laconia Spa. The ladder was under a window that appeared to have been broken however no entry was made.

Lt. Matt Canfield said yesterday that a ladder was one of the items reported stolen from the Boy Scout shed located behind Holy Trinity Catholic School in a burglary investigated last week but police have not confirmed it's the same ladder used in the attempted burglary at the Laconia Spa. The school is located near the convenience store, on the opposite side of Church Street.

Police estimate the attempted burglary took place between 11:30 p.m. on Saturday until about 1:20 a.m. Sunday.

In the second matter, a lone, white male about 5-feet 7-inches tall wearing a mask and a gray and white stripped hoodie entered the Premium Mart on Court Street and demanded the cash.

Police said no threats were made and no weapons were shown. The said the robber fled on foot and was seen moments later on a black mountain bicycle.

There were witnesses and the store has video surveillance.

Police said they have no reason to think the two incidents are related.

If anyone has any information about either crime, they are asked to call the Laconia Police at 524-5252 or the Greater Laconia Crime Line at 524-1717.

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Selectmen have no interest in building satellite Belmont fire station

BELMONT — The Board of Selectmen took an ax to the Fire Department's capital budget request last night, chopping a fire boat and a feasibility study for a new satellite station, worth a total of $95,000, from consideration.

The fire boat is to replace the old pontoon platform boat for Lake Winnisquam with a new boat capable of fighting fires. The department removed the pontoon boat from service about a year ago.

The $70,000 feasibility study was recommended by Fire Chief David Parenti because, in his opinion, coverage from the town's fire station in the village has response times that are too slow to the Route 3/lake section of town, which generates about 26 percent of the fire department's calls.

"Most communities our size have two stations," Parenti said, identifying a piece of undeveloped town-owned property on the corner of Union Road and Woodland Drive on the southeast side of Lake Winnisquam near Silver Lake as a potential site.

"I won't disagree with you (about the need) but right now I can't support a feasibility study," said Selectman Ruth Mooney. Selectmen Jon Pike and Chair Ron Cormier agreed with her.

When Parenti asked for a capital reserve account in lieu of a feasibility study, Cormier said he couldn't support either.

"I can't see how this board can dispose of one fire station (Winnisquam) and in a second say let's spend $70,000 to look at a station," he said.

Parenti also asked for a $200,000 refurbishment of Engine 3 — the second engine in Belmont's fleet and the one that responds on the "second line."

He said there is some significant rust on the 1997 fire truck but a new truck would cost $500,000. He said if the body was refurbished he would be able to move it forward as the primary response truck for the next five or so years and then get an additional five or so years as a second response engine.

He said he spoke with Greenwood Emergency Vehicles and said they recommended a complete inspection for $2,000 — meaning a technician go over the body and frame to see if it will last 10 years.

"If the frame rails are shot then there's no point," Parenti said.

Parenti also said that RSNE of Gilford would give the motor and drive-train a complete check for $500.

Selectmen told him to get the motor evaluated before he moves ahead with the body inspection.

He also asked selectmen for a new fire command vehicle. Right now the department has two Ford Explorer SUVs — one each for the chief and deputy chief — and the one the deputy drives has "multiple coolant leaks" and may need a head gasket.

Selectmen suggested spending $35,000 on a new Ford Interceptor SUV and make it the chief's vehicle.

Pike said he would like to put the chief in a smaller vehicle and the Ford Interceptor (sedans) are designed for emergency responses. He also said the fuel savings would make a big difference in the long run.

On the operations side of the budget, Parenti requested an additional firefighter. He said he has reduced the rest of the operations budget — especially his overtime line — to compensate for the position. He also suggested that if the additional firefighter is approved, that he or she start in July.

As to the long-term effects on the operations budget, Parenti noted he has two lieutenants who may be retiring in 2014 and some savings would likely be realized in personnel costs when he replaces them with people who are not as senior.

Selectmen chose to move the additional firefighter request on to the Budget Committee for consideration with a recommendation to support it. The position is budgeted at $35,000 plus benefits.

Pike noted selectmen had asked the chief to reduce his overtime and "he has done what we asked."

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Single car accident claims life of 21-year-old Barnstead man

BARNSTEAD — Police confirmed yesterday that 21-year-old Kevin Price was killed in a single-car accident near his home on North Barnstead Road sometime Friday night into Saturday morning.

Police said yesterday that Price was headed west on the dirt portion of the road when it appears he lost control, left the road, and crashed into a tree. The momentum of the crash appeared to have caused the car — a 1992 BMW 325I — to roll onto its roof.

In a written media statement, Chief Kenneth Borgia said Price likely died on impact due to massive trauma to his head and neck. He also said Price was not wearing a seat belt and the car's airbags had been deployed.

Borgia said Price's family and friend told him that they had last had contact with him at 7:30 p.m. Friday night. The car was found by someone who knew Price and contacted police at 7:25 a.m.

Borgia said a preliminary finding by a state medical examiner said the crash could have occurred as many as 12 hours before Price was found. His autopsy was scheduled for yesterday.

Borgia said the accident is still under investigation. The Belknap Regional Accident Reconstruction Team was called and that section of North Barnstead Road was closed from the time police arrived in the morning until about 1:30 p.m.

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