Major LaRowe will now likely join Inter-Lakes School Board representing Sandwich

 MEREDITH — The Inter-Lakes School Board will recommend that Major LaRowe, a retired colonel in the United States Army, be appointed to a seat on the board reserved to Sandwich. The position fell vacant with the resignation of John Martin, who accepted a position with the Plymouth School District.

Superintendent Mary Ellen Ormond said yesterday that LaRowe, the lone applicant for the position, will meet next week with the board, which will recommend his appointment to the Sandwich Board of Selectmen.

A pilot of 24 years, LaRowe earned bachelor's degrees in both education an aviation aviation technology at the University of Montana as well as master's degrees in aeronautical engineering, public administration and national security strategy. He also attended the Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

"We are very fortunate to have Major LaRowe step forward," said Ormond. "He has led a life of service to his country and his community and we are especially grateful that he has chosen to join our school board."

Alexandria man sought for fleeing from New Hampton police stop at high speed

NEW HAMPTON — Police are actively seeking an Alexandria man who allegedly fled at high speed from them during a traffic stop Sunday night at a convenience store on Rte. 104. Randall Root is white, 24-years old, about 5-feet 10-inches tall, 155 pounds with blue eyes and light-colored hair.

Sgt. Michael Grier said an officer on routine patrol saw a white Subaru Legacy sedan being driven by Root of 38 Bailey Hill Road poised to pull out onto the highway at 10:10 p.m. but noticed it wasn't moving and other cars were going around it.

He said the officer pulled up behind the Legacy and walked to the driver's side of the car. The officer reported that the car was running, it was in drive, and Root was apparently passed out with his foot on the brake.

Grier said Root was unresponsive and had his head slumped on his chest. He said the patrol officer tried about four times to wake Root and had already called for a backup officer. He said the driver's window was partially down but not such that the officer could shut off the ignition.

The officer noted drug paraphernalia in the center console of the car. When Root eventually regained consciousness, Grier said he appeared disoriented and exhibited visible signs of impairment.

The officer was successful in getting Root to put the car in park and to give him his driver's license. He said by this time a cruiser from Sanbornton had arrived and Root was told he was not free to leave. An ambulance from New Hampton had also arrived in case medical assistance was needed.

When the New Hampton officer went to his cruiser to phone into dispatch the information on Root's drivers license, Root allegedly took off, making a right on to Rte. 104 and then another right on to Interstate 93 North.

He said both officers followed him but when Root reached I-93 North he began driving erratically and was reaching speeds greater than 100 mph. Both officers stopped following Root and an be-on-the lookout bulletin was issued.

Grier said yesterday that Root was driving his mother's car and he had been in touch with her via cell phone. He said she was being cooperative but professed not to know where her son was.

Police obtained four warrants for his arrest — one for aggravated DWI, one from felony possession of drugs that were observed in the center console, one for disobeying an officer and one for reckless driving.

Grier said Alexandria Police Chief Donald Sullivan is familiar with Root and is assisting in their efforts to locate him.

Anyone who has any information about Root's whereabouts is asked to call the New Hampton Police at 744-5423.

Laconia arrest warrant issued for man said to have shot at Meredith home

LACONIA — A former Lempster man who allegedly fired two bullets into the open doorway of Meredith home on July 26 waived his probable cause court hearing that was scheduled for yesterday morning at 8:30 a.m.

Jesse Lohman, 33, of 137 Charlestown Turnpike is charged with one count of felony reckless conduct for firing a handgun into the home of a couple on Corliss Hill Road, one count of being a felon in possession of a handgun and one count of receiving stolen property.

Laconia Police confirmed yesterday that they have obtained a warrant for Lohman's arrest for an incident on Pleasant Street five days before the shooting but said they are not sure if its been served yet or what the exact charge is. They said it's either an A-level misdemeanor for criminal trespass or a B-level felony for burglary.

Lohman remains in the Belknap County Jail on the Meredith charges and is being held on $100,000 cash-only bail.

The Daily Sun learned today that Lohman allegedly entered a home on Pleasant Street on July 21 and encountered the homeowner after he arrived home around 11 p.m.

"Every light in my house was on including the two on the front porch," the homeowner said, yesterday.

The man said Lohman was sitting on his porch using an extension cord to charge his cell phone. He said his rear door had been kicked in and Lohman told him he saw two "Oriental people with headbands" leave the house through a second-story window and he came over to see what was happening. Lohman had been staying in the home of a nearby neighbor of the victim.

"I parked my car in my driveway and this person (Lohman) came out of the shadows," said the victim who is a retired military officer who said he's not easily ruffled and knows how to calm agitated individuals.

He said one of Lohman's canvas type bags was in his home and two were on his porch along with a cell phone and a computer. He said nothing appeared to have been stolen but noted his television was unplugged and the cord was placed on top of it.

He noted that Lohman at times seemed agitated so he calmed him down and convinced him to go to the city police and report the allegedly burglary by the two Asians. He said they drove together in his car to the police station and Lohman occasionally mentioned that he needed to work on his own car — a Jeep.

"The Jeep is still there," said the victim yesterday, noting that it was as of Monday evening. The Daily Sun verified there is a black SUV sitting in the driveway of a home on nearby Oak Street that was inhabited by Lohman's friend — a man who would allegedly become a victim of Lohman's on the day of the Meredith shooting.

Yesterday, New Hampton Police Sgt. Michael Grier said Lohman and the second victim were together in New Hampton when they stopped to get something from a convenience store on Rte. 104.

Grier said Lohman was driving the second victim's Toyota RAV-4 because its owner has some health issues and couldn't drive it himself. He said the second victim went into the store around 9 a.m. on July 26 but when he exited the store his SUV and Lohman were gone.

He told police he waited for about a half of an hour and determined Lohman wasn't coming back. The victim made arrangements for someone else to come and get him in New Hampton and reported his RAV-4 stolen to New Hampton Police at 12:30 p.m.

Grier said the RAV-4 owner told them he and Lohman had just come from Bristol.

At 10:06 a.m. that same day Lohman went to the third and fourth victims' home in Meredith and inquired about a woman named Cassandra. After being told there was no Cassandra at that address, Lohman went to the RAV-4. The male victim went back into his home and, according to affidavits prepared by the Meredith Police Department, said he saw Lohman became agitated and throw his hands in the air.

When the male victim looked out his window, he told police he allegedly saw Lohman throw a knife out of the RAV-4 window and raise a black firearm, aiming it toward his home. He allegedly fired two rounds that pierced the screen door and the front door. At least one bullet lodged in a wall.

The male victim and his wife took cover and called 911. Meredith Police, assisted by Grier, Center Harbor Police and a N.H. State Trooper responded and took Lohman into custody without further ado.

Police allegedly found a 9 mm bullet, a cross-shoulder holster and a hypodermic needle with what they suspected to be methamphetamine on Lohman's person. A gun has been recovered.

Meredith Police took possession of the RAV-4, learned it had been reported stolen, and secured it. Affidavits said police obtained a search warrant and found magazines from a Glock 9 mm and some loose 9 mm rounds.

Meredith Lt. Keith True said yesterday that other items were recovered from the RAV-4 but declined to comment about what else was found, saying the investigation is ongoing.

During his custodial interview with police, Lohman allegedly admitted to being a drug addict who injected drugs. He also allegedly admitted to being a member of the Brotherhood of White Warriors — a prison gang — but gave no reason for his actions on July 26.

According to The Laconia Citizen, "Cassandra" is a real person who went to the 2nd Circuit Court, Plymouth Division on the day after the shooting and sought an emergency order of protection against Lohman with whom she has a child.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Meredith Police at 279-4561.