Friendship Club thanks police

02-08 friendship cops

The Laconia Friendship Club hosted a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day when it met Wednesday at Leavitt Park in Lakeport. Taking part in the event were Paula Merigan, Laurette Purcell, Capt. Matt Canfield, Lt. Al Graton and Pat Masters. (Roger Amsden/for The Laconia Daily Sun)

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Belknap County Indictments - Jan. 12, 2017

LACONIA — A Belknap County grand jury returned 48 indictments and two misdemeanor charges against 34 defendants when it met on Jan. 12. An indictment is not a finding of guilt but rather an indication that an independent jury has voted, after hearing from police, that sufficient evidence exists to warrant a Superior Court trial.

• Brian Watson, 52, formerly of 202 Hodgdon Road, Northfield, was indicted for possession of the narcotic fentanyl within 1,000 feet of a school zone with intent to distribute on May 8, 2015, in Tilton. On Jan. 18, Watson was convicted of sale of heroin, death resulting and awaits sentencing.

• Bob A. Ely, 60, 83 Blake Road, New Hampton, was indicted for aggravated felonious sexual assault charging that he engaged in a pattern of sexual assault against a girl under age 16 over a period of time of two months and within five years between Feb. 2, 2004, and Feb. 1, 2009, in New Hampton.

• Scott Angers, 21, 180 Union Ave., #3, Laconia, was indicted for receiving stolen property a black trailer, property of New Hampshire Electric Motor, worth more than $1,500 on Nov. 24, 2016, in Laconia.

• James Lemmond, 32, 7 Holt St., Concord, was indicted for armed robbery for committing a theft while putting a woman in fear in that Lemmond "reasonably appeared" to be armed with a deadly weapon on Oct.
23, 2016, in Laconia. Lemmond was also indicted for criminal threatening, alleging that he pointed the gun at the woman and threatened to shoot her.

The grand jury also returned an indictment charging Lemmon with robbery for using physical force against the same victim by pulling her hair.

A fourth indictment charges Lemmond with kidnapping for forcing the woman into his sports utility vehicle and pointing the gun at her while he was driving.

• William R. Kimball, 28, 55 Gilford Ave., Laconia, was indicted for forgery for publishing or using a $20 bill with the words "For Motion Picture Use Only" written in the upper right hand corner of the bill, on Aug. 20, 2016, in Laconia.

• Nicholas Perriera, 29, 22 Chestnut Avenue, Gilmanton, was indicted for sale of methamphetamine on June 2, 2016, in Laconia. He was also indicted for being an accomplice to sale of meth in Laconia on June
6, 2016, in Laconia by taking the drug from Tirar Tortorello and handing it to a confidential informant.

• Tirar Tortorello, 47, transient, was indicted on two counts of sale of methamphetamine on June 3, 2016, and June 6, 2016, in Laconia.

• Tyler W. Cady, 26, transient, was indicted for domestic violence criminal threatening for pointing a gun at an intimate partner and threatening to shoot them on Nov. 5, 2016 in Laconia. He was also indicted on two counts of duty to inform for failing to notify Laconia police within five days of his change of address as a Tier II registered sex offender, and of his change in employment.

• Christina Conley, 37, 65 Perkins Road, Gilmanton Iron Works, was indicted for possession of the controlled drugs buprenorphine and oxycodone in Gilmanton on Dec. 24, 2015 in Gilmanton.

• Arika Hanson, 27, 103 Blueberry Lane, #57, Laconia, was indicted for being an accomplice to sale of methamphetamine in Belknap County on June 6, 2016.

• Robert W. St. John Jr., 30, 770 Laconia Road, #1, Belmont, was indicted on five counts of sale of the controlled drug buprenorphine on May 25, 2016, June 2, 2016, June 6, 2016, June 16, 2016, and June
27, 2016, in Laconia.

• Rianna Martin, 30, 24 Winter St., Laconia, was indicted on separate counts of possession of methamphetamine and fentanyl in Tilton on Nov. 21, 2016.

• Micah D. Niles, 40, 22 Strafford St., Laconia, was indicted for forging a check for $683 on another person's bank account on Sept. 22, 2015, in Laconia.

• Dennis Vaughan, 60, 88 Fair St., Laconia, was indicted on two counts of being a convicted felon in possession of a deadly weapon, "nunchucks," a Japanese martial arts weapon consisting of two hardwood
sticks joined together by chain, on Nov. 6, 2015, in Laconia.

• Caitlin Gallagher, 25, 71 Annie Drive, #20, Gilford, was indicted for reckless conduct for driving her vehicle at a high rate of speed on Endicott Street and colliding into the side of another vehicle on June 27, 2016, in Laconia.

• Roy Leach, 54, 9 Huntington Place, Hampton, was indicted on three counts of possession of one of more tablets containing the controlled drug tramadol, possession of alprazolal and the drug MDMA, on Nov. 14,
2016, in New Hampton. The grand jury also returned misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession and circumvention of an alcohol ignition interlock device against Leach.

• Bryce Eason Fall, 21, 390 Jamestown Road, Belmont, was indicted for theft of more than $1,500 belong to the Pac Sun Outlet Store at Tanger Outlets in Tilton, between July 14, 2016, and Sept. 25, 2016. The
California-based retail chain filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in April.

• Michael Regan, 33, 46 Arch St., #1, Laconia, was indicted for delivery of articles prohibited for bringing the drug buprenorphine into the county jail on Aug. 16, 2016.

• Tasha Sargent, 34, 275 Victory Drive, Franklin, was indicted for sale of heroin to a cooperating individual working with the Drug Task Force on Sept. 28, 2016, in Tilton.

• Mark B. Billings Jr., 35, 102 Veasey Shore Road, Meredith, was indicted for reckless conduct with a deadly weapon for driving a vehicle while intoxicated and striking a building on Nov. 8, 2016, in Gilford.

• Anthony Conley, 40, 65 Perkins Road, Gilmanton Iron Works, was indicted on two counts of possession of the controlled drugs oxycodone and buprenorphine, on Dec. 24, 2015, in Gilmanton.

• David Pryzby, 48, 24 Farmer Drive, Gilford, was indicted for domestic violence second-degree assault charging that he placed his hands around a woman's neck and or throat, pinning her to the bed, causing her to experience impeded breathing on Nov. 11, 2016, in Gilford.

• Richard P. Dooley, 55, 10 Morrison Avenue, Tilton, was indicted for possessing the narcotic fentanyl on Aug. 23, 201,6 in Tilton.

• Patrick Dooley, 31, 10 Morrison Avenue, Tilton, was indicted for possessing methamphetamine on Aug. 23, 2016 in Tilton.

• Anthony Conley, 40, 65 Perkins Road, Gilmanton Iron Works, was indicted for possession of the narcotic fentanyl on Nov. 12, 2016, in Belmont.

• Paul W. Hewitt, 54, 32 Appleton St., Laconia, was indicted for driving on Union Avenue in Laconia on Halloween after being declared a habitual offender by the Director of Motor Vehicles.

• Roger Carter, 46, 197 Main St., #3, Tilton, was indicted for driving in the Circle K parking lot in Laconia, on Sept. 24, 2016, after being declared a habitual offender by the Director of Motor Vehicles.

• Megan O'Connell, 38, New Hampshire State Prison for Women, Goffstown, was indicted for driving on Carver Street, Laconia, on July 1, 2016, after being declared a habitual offender by the Director of Motor Vehicles.

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The Great Meredith Rotary Ice Fishing Derby


FishingDerby 6Feb1597305

Dan Maloney of Nottingham sets a tip up on Meredith Bay for the Great Meredith Rotary Ice Fishing Derby.  (Karen Bobotas/for the Laconia Daily Sun)


A non-fisherman's guide to the ice fishing derby


MEREDITH — How many people will be trying to hook a winning fish for at the 38th Annual Great Meredith Rotary Fishing Derby this weekend? Well, the easy answer is about 5,000, which is the number of tickets sold in a typical year. That number has been remarkably consistent for many years, barring flukes such as last winter, when there was little ice on Lake Winnipesaukee, and other years when severe storms caused Massachusetts to close its highways. In a good year, though, there will be a little more than 5,000 tickets sold, and this is going to be a good year.

That number is slightly misleading, though, because many people participate in the derby by buying a ticket, yet won't ever drop a line in the water. They come to ogle the trout, perch, cusk and other fish on the leader board, to stroll along Bobhouse Avenue, and to visit Meredith Village's restaurants and shops in order to warm up. And, if they've bought a ticket, they will be eligible to win one of the $100 drawings, held every 15 minutes, or the $5,000 drawing held at the end of the day on Saturday and again on Sunday.

"It's always a fun event. There's people all over the ice. It's almost like an avenue," said Ray Moritz, president of Meredith Rotary Club. "A lot of people who don't fish will buy a ticket."

Tickets cost $30, and one reason people are willing to buy one, even if they aren't fishing, is because they know that the money is going to help others. The derby is the Meredith Rotary Club's primary annual fundraiser, and the all-volunteer effort will further the club's charitable efforts. For example, proceeds from last year's derby bought materials, which, combined with volunteered labor from Rotary members, resulted in the addition of built-in closets for substance abuse recovery center in Franklin, which allowed the center to add 42 more beds. The club also supported its local food pantry, the Interlakes Community Caregivers, and rebuilt a cabin on property owned by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust.

Moritz had some advice to people coming to take in the derby, whether they're fishing or just spectating. They should dress warm, be sensible about walking on the ice, "and most of all, enjoy themselves. It's a fun weekend."

There will be bobhouses clustered in most of Winnipesaukee's bays for the derby, and on just about every other ice surface in the Lakes Region. Nowhere will there be more activity, though, than Meredith Bay. Bobhouses there come in every size, shape and color, and some contain some surprising amenities, such as hot tubs, grills and televisions. There will also be vendors out on the ice.

"It's almost a carnival feel," said Mortiz."This would be the best place to be."

Meredith Bay is also where the derby headquarters is, where fishermen bring their winning catches in hopes of having the largest of their type. If they do, they will win at least $500, and will be eligible for the drawing to win the grand prize of $5,000. The culmination of the weekend will occur around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, when crowds of anglers, including dignitaries such as Gov. Chris Sununu and U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan, will encircle the derby headquarters, eager to see who will take home the prize.

Tim Bergquist, chairman of the fishing derby, said those who come prepared to walk around a picturesque, wintry village will find Meredith fits the bill.

"Once you're in town here, there's so much here. There's a winery, tons of restaurants and antique stores. You can come up, take breaks (from the derby), come back after lunch. It's all walking distance, it's convenient. Just dress for the weather."

FishingDerby 6Feb1597351

Dave Enser and Chet Wiess get their fishing gear ready with Matt Adamchick and Robert Brehm on Meredith Bay for the Great Meredith Rotary Fishing Derby.  (Karen Bobotas/for the Laconia Daily Sun)

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