Laconia McDonald's marks 45th anniversary Thursday

LACONIA — When the McDonald's opened on May 25, 1971, in Laconia, it was just the fifth McDonald's in all of New Hampshire. On Thursday, the store will celebrate its 45th year in business, with a WLNH radio remote, an appearance by Ronald McDonald from 5 to 6:30 p.m., and many items pertaining to the city's history.

Along with the anniversary, WLNH will celebrate morning host Mya's birthday. She is the daughter of Joan and Larry Frates, and has made it known on air that she is pregnant and willing to talk to listeners about names for the new baby.

The restaurant will have pictures of its building in different stages over its 45-year history, from opening with no inside seating or drive-through to the initial dining room opening and more. Also on display will be the 5-foot-tall trophy that is awarded to a football player at Laconia High School as MVP and the "ED"ies bell. This is a school bell that symbolizes excellence in education in New Hampshire. McDonald's and educators in the state were founders of this program.  They will have a "Ray Kroc" spirit award trophy on display, noting their support of Special Olympics, plus a display is of the Gilford basketball team.

McDonald's has a care mobile that has treated youngsters under the age of 18 to free dental care including x-rays, cleaning and if need be repairing cavities and extractions. The care mobile has treated youngsters in the community. In the last two weeks they have been in Laconia and Meredith.

We have a new tuition assistant program that provides between $700 and $1000 to employees who qualify to support their continuing education.

05-26 McDonalds display

The McDonald’s on Union Street in Laconia will celebrate its 45th anniversary today with a visit from Ronald McDonald, a radio broadcast and displays of trophies and other items from around the city. (Courtesy photo)

Meredith sees first heroin/fentanyl death this year (74)

MEREDITH — Police Lt. Keith True confirmed Thursday that the town has seen its first fatal overdose of what appears to be heroin/fentanyl this year He said a woman in her mid 20s passed away at her home on Red Gate Lane and was found by friends.

He said the call came into the Fire Department and the police department Wednesday afternoon.

Police are investigating and ask anyone with any information to call 279-4561.

— Gail Ober

Puppies dumped - Humane Society takes in 8 puppies found abandoned in driveway


LACONIA — The New Hampshire Humane Society found itself with eight new puppies Wednesday morning after a driver making an early morning delivery discovered them in two crates in the driveway.
The driver called Laconia Police who responded to the scene and moved the crates indoors where the puppies greeted workers at the shelter when they arrived.
It was the second time in six weeks that puppies have been left in the driveway at the Humane Society on Meredith Center Road according to Marylee Gorham, executive director of the organization, who said that she has reason to suspect that the puppies came from the same source as the five male puppies who were dropped off in mid-April.
She said that most recently abandoned puppies were from two different litters, one male and three females who are about 20 weeks old, and two males and two females who are about 12 weeks old.
"We're grateful that they don't appear to be undernourished and were left with us rather than being abandoned in the woods," said Gorham, who said that she wishes that the people who brought in the dogs had called the society and dropped them off during the day.
"At the end of the day, we're here to help the animals. It's a traumatic experience for the dogs to be left outside in crates overnight. There have been bears seen in the area so it can be dangerous for them," she said.
She said that the puppies appear to have been left off around 10 Tuesday night and were quite cramped in the crates and must have spent about eight hours in the dark before they were discovered.
The puppies are a mixed breed and may have some Collie and Labrador as well as Staffordshire Terrier lineage.
"We're going to worm them and check them out and make sure they have all of their shots. They'll be spayed and neutered and will be available for adoption or foster homes in a week or so. They're infinitely adoptable little pups and we think they'll make wonderful pets," said Gorham.
She said that the shelter now has 93 cats ready for adoption and the most recent arrivals push the dog population up to 22.
"It's something of a crisis for us to have so many dogs come in at the same time and can use any help the public can give us. Volunteers and cash donations would be the most helpful,'' she says.
Gorham said the last of the abandoned dogs who were left in April is Thor, who is the Humane Society's Pet of the Week this week and like the other abandoned dogs needs the reassurance and confidence that a loving family will give him.
Founded in 1900 by M. Jennie Kendall, the New Hampshire Humane Society was formerly known as the Women's Humane Society. Originally located in Nashua, the organization worked tirelessly for the welfare of women, children and animals.
The Women's Humane Society made its way to Laconia in 1935 and worked in conjunction with the southern branches until 1968. It was then that the Laconia shelter assumed sole responsibility for the animal welfare portion of Ms. Kendall's vision. The shelter gradually evolved into the organization it is today, assuring each animal exceptional care and comfort, gentle behavioral support, excellent medical treatment and specific adoption guidelines.

05-25 puppies2 DS

Four 12-week-old puppies get ready for naps at the New Hampshire Humane Society. They were found Wednesday morning abandoned in a crate in the driveway. (Roger Amsden photo for the Laconia Daily Sun)


05-25 puppies3

Marylee Gorham, executive director of the New Hampshire Humane Society, comforts four 20-week-old puppies who were found Wednesday morning abandoned in a crate in the driveway at the Humane Society. (Roger Amsden photo for the Laconia Daily Sun)