EMTs & police assist in emergency birth of healthy boy in Holderness

HOLDERNESS — Plymouth Fire Department personnel, accompanied by Holderness Police Chief Jeremy Patridge, helped deliver a healthy baby boy yesterday morning after getting a 911 call from the 26-year-old mother to be.

Partridge said he was on duty at 8:44 a.m. and raced to Seven Pines Road to assist the woman.

"All the way I was praying for the EMTs to sign on (to the radio)," Patridge said, adding he has children but he'd never actually delivered a baby before.

He said he entered the home and the Plymouth team was right behind him.

Patridge said the baby's head was already out and the emergency teams finished the delivery.

Fire Capt. Steve Vachon said they had about one minute to act before the baby was born.

"There wasn't a lot of time to prepare," he said, noting Chief Casino Clogston assisted him and Paramedic Brian Peck in the delivery.

Vachon said neither he or Peck had delivered a baby before although, like Patridge, both had been present for the births of their children. He said Clogston has delivered a couple.

"We're trained but we usually get them to the hospital in time," Vachon said, noting this time there was nothing to do except assist with the delivery in the family bathroom.

Vachon said the baby boy appeared to be normal sized and very healthy. He said both mother and son were taken to Speare Memorial Hospital where emergency crews awaited.

"Every time I see this it continues to be a miracle," said Patridge.

Vachon echoed Patridge's sentiment.

"It's always nice to start the day with a good thing," he said.

Patridge said the boy's father was on his way to the house to take his wife to the hospital and was too late but he had the privilege of telling him that he had a healthy son and to go straight to Speare.

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Abenaki water meeting set for Sunday afternoon at Briarcrest

LACONIA — The meeting of customers of the Abenaki Water Company to discuss the company's proposal to increase its rates for water and sewer services provided to residents of Belmont will be held on Sunday, Sept. 20, beginning at noon, at the Briarcrest Community Center on Diamond Road.

State Senator Andrew Hosmer (D-Laconia) will attend the meeting to hear and address the concerns of residents.

The company has asked the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission to approve its request to raise its water rates by 21 percent and its sewer rates by 47 percent as well as impose a $1.75 surcharge on sewer bills for 12 months.

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Man who made himself hard to find sentenced to 1 year

LACONIA — A city man who allegedly threatened a McGrath Street woman by waving a gun in front of her security camera was pleaded guilty to one reduced count of misdemeanor criminal threatening Monday morning. The gun portion of the indictment was dropped as part of the plea bargain.

Chad O'Connor, 24, whose last known address was on Garfield Street was sentenced to serve 12 months in the Belknap County House of Corrections. Four months of his sentence was suspended and he was credited with 128 days of time served.

Judge James O'Neill also agreed O'Connor would be eligible for work release immediately. Since he is scheduled to be released on October 14, O'Neill ordered that he be on probation for one year after his release and the suspended portion of his sentence is conditioned upon three years of good behavior.

After the event on May 7, O'Connor eluded police for four days before he was caught by a city patrol officer after a foot chase through the Academy Street area of town. No gun was ever recovered.

During the time police were looking for him, police had many sightings but he managed to elude capture each time. At one point, police said he was in an apartment on Fair Street and the occupant at the time, allegedly hindered the police long enough for him to escape through a back window.

At one point, police were on foot patrol in and around the Fair Street area where O'Connor was known to frequent.

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