102-year-old casts vote for Clinton

102 year old voter 1


Laconia Ward 4 Selectman Chris Reynolds helps Louise Youland feed her ballot into the machine on Tuesday. Youland was a girl when women won the right to vote. (Adam Drapcho/Laconia Daily Sun)



LACONIA — "I didn't exact so much notoriety," remarked Louise Youland, accompanied by her daughter, Virginia Jones of Gilford, as  she came to the polls in Ward 4 in her wheelchair.

Born in 1914, before women won the right to vote, Youland, now 102, said that she is proud to have voted twice for the first black president and now is equally proud to vote for Hillary Clinton to become the first woman president. Shading her eyes from the bright sunlight, she said, "It's a good day for it."

Youland said she cast her very first vote for Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1936, when he won the second of his four terms by carrying every state save for Maine and Vermont to rout Gov. Alf Landon of Kansas in the most lopsided presidential election in American history. She has voted in every election since.

102 year old voter 1.jpgYouland was raised in Greene, Maine, but added, "I get around." She married and with her husband left Maine, where she worked for an insurance company in Auburn, for the south. where she worked for the Bethlehem Steel Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama, and was living in Florida before her daughter brought to the St. Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Laconia.

Youland said she intends to vote again when Clinton seeks her second term.



Louise Youland, 102, voted in Laconia’s Ward 4 on Tuesday. She was assisted by her daughter, Virginia Jones of Gilford. (Adam Drapcho/Laconia Daily Sun)

Republicans Take 3 of 4 seats in City

LACONIA — Republicans captured three of the four city's seats in New Hampshire House of Representatives as well as the seat the city shares with the town of Belmont..

Don Flanders was returned for his ninth term with3,804 votes and followed by Frank Tilton, won his sixth term in the House with 3,651 votes and Peter Spanos his second term with 3,504 votes. The fourth Republican on the ticket, Jim McCoole, finished out of the money with 2,947 votes.

Dave Huot, whose 3,226 votes trailed the three Republicans who topped the poll, was the lone Democrat to win election. The remaining Democrats trailed the field — Charlie St. Clair with 3,050 votes, Liz Merry with 2,892 votes and Tom Dawson with 2,707 votes.

Incumbent Republican Robert Fisher carried both Laconia and Belmont to hold his seat in House, topping Beth Arsenault by 5,700 to 5,000 votes. He bested Arsenault in Laconia by 3,800 to 3,602 and in Belmont by 1,900 to 1,398.

Fraser Tops Gulick in Center Harbor & New Hampton

CENTER HARBOR & NEW HAMPTON — Republican incumbent Valerie Fraser carried both Center Harbor and New Hampton, topping Democrat Ruth Gulick to win a second term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Fraser took Center Harbor with 368 votes to Gulick's 314 and carried New Hampton by 687 to 622 to win the seat by a margin of 1,055 to 936.