GOP sweeps Belmont seats for NH House

BELMONT — Republicans captured the two seats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives as incumbent Michael Sylvia topped the poll with 1,852 votes to win his third term and John Plummer polled 1,707 votes to win his first.

Democrats Diane Lacey and George Condodemetraky received 1,245 votes and 887 votes respectively.

– Michael Kitch

Giuda Over Chandler in Senate District 2

WARREN — In the race between the two candidates from Warren for the New Hampshire Senate, Republican Bob Giuda topped Democrat Charlie Chandler to capture the open seat in District 2.

With Piermont still to report, Giuda carried 17 of the 27 towns in the district to poll 15,363 votes while Chandler tallied 13,040 votes to win by a margin of 2,323 votes , or by 54 percent to 46 percent of the vote.

"it was a shocker to me," said Chandler, noting that the margins in the towns her carried were much less than he expected and the margins in the towns he lost were much greater than he expected. "It was a Trump freight train and we didn't see it coming." He recalled that when he learned he won Tilton, where he practiced law for many years, by 50 votes "I knew right then something was off in the mix."

"Losing is not fun," Chandler conceded, "but more than 28,000 people voted, including a large number of newly registered voters. It's a good system, but a disappointing result."

Giuda could not be reached for comment.

– Michael Kitch

Comtois Holds Barnstead for GOP

BARNSTEAD — Republican Barbara Comtois handily topped Democrat Bruce Marriott 1,471 to 979 to win the seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives held by her husband Guy for the past three terms.