Laconia man charged with heroin possession, deadly weapon

LACONIA — A local man who was free on personal recognizance bail after being indicted in July for sales of heroin was arrested again Monday and charged with possession of heroin.

Frederick Sanborn, 32, of 11 Kentfield Court is also charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a deadly weapon and violating the terms of his bail.

Sanborn was already scheduled to appear in the Belknap County Superior Court on Thursday for a bail revocation hearing. According to paperwork filed with the court, as a condition of his first arrest, he was ordered to report regularly to Belknap County Restorative Justice but had allegedly failed to do so.

As to his arrest Tuesday, police affidavits said an officer was called to 342 Union Ave. #3 for a report of a disturbance. When the officer arrived, he said he heard two women and a man arguing.

He said the arguments seem to be getting physical and he and a second officer made contact with people, one of whom was Sanborn.

Once inside, he said Sanborn was in the kitchen, and to the officer it appeared Sanborn was trying to hide from him. He said he told Sanborn to leave the kitchen and go into the living room.

Sanborn was carrying a black and lime green backpack, which the officer said was open and in which he saw a 12- to 24-inch sword or machete. The officer said he took the backpack for his own safety and learned from his supervisor that Sanborn is a convicted felon.

Once at the police station, the officer noticed Sanborn was making furtive movements toward his groin area. The officer conducted a booking search and found a black pouch on the inner side of his leg. The bag was seized and police found needles and a small plastic bag containing a brown substance. Sanborn allegedly volunteered that the substance was heroin and that he has an opiate problem.

When the officer said he would be applying for a warrant to search the backpack, Sanborn told him to go ahead because he would only find needles, a scale and a machete.

Nevertheless, police applied for a warrant and allegedly found the machete, the scale, and a spoon bent in a manner that is consistent with drug use.

In court Tuesday afternoon, Sanborn argued through his attorney that the machete was never used in a threatening manner and that there was nothing in the affidavits that indicates it was.

Sanborn was ordered held on $10,000 cash or corporate surety.

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Woman allegedly steals bike and car


LACONIA — A transient woman is accused of stealing a bicycle and a car, but police said they still have no real motive for the alleged crimes.

Allison Wormstead, 23, is charged with theft without owner's consent, theft by unauthorized taking, theft of mislaid property and resisting arrest, which are all misdemeanors.

Police said they received a report of a vehicle stolen from the street in front of 10 Pleasant St. After getting the report, another officer saw the vehicle in front of 342 Union Ave.

Meanwhile, another officer was taking a report of a bicycle stolen from Walgreens. Police said they had reason to think Wormstead was involved in both incident.

Preliminarily, it appears Wormstead allegedly took the bicycle, rode it to Pleasant Street, allegedly stole the car which was unlocked and had the keys on the console, and then drove to Union Avenue where she abandoned the bicycle.

She allegedly tried to run from police while on Union Avenue.

Wormstead refused bail and is being held until she can appear in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division on Wednesday.

Capt. Matt Canfield said that at this point she was not charged with any felonies because the state statute reads that for a felony charge, the theft of an automobile must include a component of trying to permanently deprive the owner of it. He said the car didn't appear to be damaged.

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Meredith man indicted for ‘sexting’ teen

LACONIA — A 34-year old Meredith man who allegedly used his computer to solicit a teenager to commit sex acts for his visual pleasure has been indicted by a Belknap County grand jury.

Jacob Heal, of or formerly of 102 Plymouth St. faces one count of endangering the welfare of a child for having a 15-year-old allegedly send him a video of himself, and three counts of prohibited uses of computer services.

Indictments allege that Heal used the computer application "Wickr" twice and Facebook once to contact his victim.

According to an 2012 article in Forbes Magazine by Andy Greenberg, Wickr is a free application launched in that year for iPhones and "aims to encrypt text, picture and video messages to prevent their interception by men-in-the middle."

The app is designed to delete messages, supposedly leaving no trace for forensic investigators, wrote Greenberg.

When contacted, Meredith Police declined to comment.

– Gail Ober

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