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Lebreche earns spot on Belmont ballot with successful write-in

BELMONT — In Tuesday's Republican primary election for the two seats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives representing Belmont, Shari Lebreche earned a place on the general election ballot by polling 211 write-in votes, many more than the 35 required. Lebreche mounted her write-in campaign after learning that no Republican had filed to fill the spot on the ballot left open by the decision of Charles Fink not to seek re-election.

Lebreche will join incumbent Michael Sylvia, who is seeking a second term, in contesting the two seats with Democrats Ron Cormier and George Condodemetraky in the general election on November 4.

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Opechee & Winnisquam drawdown plans set

LACONIA — The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) announced this week that the drawdown of Lake Opechee and Lake Winnisquam, which occurs every other year, will begin on October 13.

Lake Opechee will be drawn down five feet and Lake Winnisquam two feet. When Lake Opechee is lowered the water will likely take two days to be carried downstream by the Winnipesaukee River to Lake Winnisquam, which will not begin to drop before October 15. The drawdown will last approximately two weeks and on October 27 flows at the Lakeport Dam will be raised to refill Lake Opechee and by late the next day the water will begin to rise in Lake Winnisquam.

Lake Winnipesaukee is not drawn down. Instead, on Columbus Day, October 13, the flow at the Lakeport Dam is reduced from the normal minimum of 250 cubic feet per second (CFS) to between 30cfs and 50cfs to allow for maintenance of the dams and hydroelectric facilities along the Winnipesaukee River. By November, evaporation and releases at the Lakeport Dam have usually lowered Lake Winnipesaukee about 15 inches below its level of 504.32 feet, or "full lake," and is kept at this level through December. Beginning in January the lake may lowered as much as two feet below "full lake" to accommodate the snow melt and spring rain.

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Woman's 5th Amendment right again self incrimination called into question in heroin case

SUPERIOR COURT — The wife of a Belmont man who is allegedly to have sold heroin to a friend who died of an overdose is scheduled to appear in the Belknap County Superior Court Thursday afternoon.

At the request of Deputy Belknap County Prosecutor Carley Ahern, Kaitlyn Woodbury, aka Kaitlyn Millette, will be in court to determine if her potential testimony in the case against her husband will put her in danger of saying something incriminating about herself.

The state has identified Kaitlyn Woodbury as a relevant witness in the heroin overdose death of Michael Chamberlain on June 4 at Jonathan Woodbury's home.
Jonathan Woodbury is facing multiple charges, including one that he sold heroin to Chamberlain, who died as a result.

Included in several motions to suppress evidence submitted by Jonathan Woodbury's attorney Wade Harwood was a statement allegedly saying Kaitlyn Woodbury was overheard saying she deleted some text messages from Chamberlain's phone.

If true, any testimony she may give at her husband's trial has the possibility of exposing her to criminal charges. She has a Fifth Amendment right not to provide self-incriminating testimony and is not now facing any charges related to Chamberlain's death.

Harwood is also trying to get any evidence taken from Jonathan Woodbury's phone eliminated because he says there was nothing in the affidavits to suggest anything that happened between Jonathan Woodbury and Chamberlain occurred on the telephone but the Laconia Police detective who interviewed Jonathan Woodbury three days later seized his phone.

Four days after the detective took Jonathan Woodbury's phone, Belmont Police applied for a warrant to look at the electronic records associated with it.

He said Jonathan didn't give permission for his phone to be seized and police should have gotten a warrant before taking it, rather than four days after.

Harwood also says there is no connection between the phone and the Jonathan Woodbury's alleged actions regarding Chamberlain articulated in the affidavit for the warrant.

Harwood is also trying to suppress any statements made by Jonathan Woodbury to the Laconia detective because Jonathan Woodbury claims he was high on heroin when he was interviewed and was not coherent enough to understand the conversation.

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Barnstead women allegedly drove after smoking spice or pot & had infant in car

CIRCUIT COURT — A Barnstead woman was ordered held on $1,500 cash only bail after allegedly driving a car after smoking spice and/or marijuana with her one-week old grandchild in the back seat on September 7.

Jodie Buffam, 47, of Dam Site Road, is charged with one count of driving while intoxicated, one count of possession of marijuana, one count of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of breach of bail.

The breach of bail charge stems from Buffam's arrest for driving while intoxicated on August 25. During that traffic stop she was also charged with possession of marijuana and criminal trespass for being at the Barnstead Town Beach after it closed at 9 p.m.

Buffam, who appeared by video in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division on Monday, said she had fallen asleep at the beach and the police officer who woke her arrested her.

Prosecutor Anthony Estee asked for cash bail of $1,000 each new charge plus the bail violation. He said he had concerns regarding the close time proximity between the two alleged offenses and felt she was a danger to the public.

Public Defender Justin Littlefield said Buffam has no criminal past and no previous violations on her driving record. He noted she is an full-time employee of nursing home in Ossipee, has worked there for eight years, and lives in Barnstead with her fiance. He said she poses no fight risk.

Littlefield also challenged the amount of time it would take for the state lab to analyze the exact substance found in her purse during the inventory search — described a Colorado Krush incense in the police affidavits.

Judge Jim Carroll said what was clear to him was that he has great concerns for the safety of others — especially in light of the allegations she was high on something while she had a one-week old in the car.

He said he was also concerned that she violated her bail conditions and ordered her not to drive and to be held on $1,500 cash only bail.

As of yesterday, Buffam had posted bail and was no longer in the Belknap County House of Corrections.

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