Police: Thieves took excavator in Belmont

03 30 belmont PD excavator stolen

Belmont Police hope a witness will step forward and identify the culprits who stole a Volvo Excavator Model #EC 140 CL from a property along Route 140. (Courtesy photo)



BELMONT — Anyone who remembers seeing a crew loading a black and yellow Volvo excavator onto a large trailer bed behind a large truck on Route 140 this week likely witnessed a crime.
The Belmont Police Department hopes a witness will step forward, after a local contractor reported the theft of his $89,000 piece of construction equipment from an address on Route 140 near Belmont Elementary School.
"It's brazen, to say the least. But it's one of those things as you drive around the Lakes Region – you see equipment on the move all the time," said Belmont Police Lt. Richard Mann. Police think the culprits loaded up the 35,000-pound piece of equipment in broad daylight, hoping that passersby would chalk it up to typical commercial activity.
"The theft of this item would have required a heavy duty truck with a large trailer bed," police reported in a press release. "This activity would have attracted attention as the truck and trailer would have taken up a large portion of the travel lane."
The theft likely happened sometime since Monday, and during the day, when the homeowner wasn't home, Mann said.
The excavator was parked at a residence where the equipment's owner, a general contractor, was preparing to start a job. The contractor reported the theft to police Wednesday after a mechanic who was sent to conduct onsite maintenance on the excavator could not locate it, police said.
The thieves likely noticed the excavator parked along Route 140. Mann said the machine was located near the property owner's driveway but visible from the road. The job of loading the excavator on a trailer couldn't have been easy. The crime occurred on a hill in a section of highway with no shoulders, where Route 140 descends into the village before Belmont Elementary School, Mann said.
The stolen piece of equipment, a Volvo Excavator Model #EC 140 CL, did not have a key with it at the time of the crime, police said.
Often, large pieces of equipment are transported overseas or they're dismantled for parts, Mann said.
This is the first crime of this type to happen in Belmont in a long time, Mann said. In Tilton, an owner lost a piece of construction equipment, a skid steer, late last fall from a site along Route 3, he said.
Anyone who was on the section of Route 140 in Belmont near the Belmont Elementary School and who saw an excavator being loaded sometime after Monday is asked to call Officer Evan Boulanger at the Belmont Police at 267-8350.

Taking the oath

03 30 belmont swearing in town

Belmont Town Clerk Cynthia DeRoy, right, issues the oath of office to newly elected officials earlier this month. Those sworn in included, from left, newly elected library trustees Mary-Louise Charnley and Gail Thomas; Planning Board member Kevin Sturgeon; Craig Clairmont and Norma Patten, two of four candidates elected to Budget Committee; and Claude "Sonny" Patten, who won a single selectman's seat. (David Carkhuff/Laconia Daily Sun)


03 30 belmont swearing in school

Belmont School District Moderator Roy Roberts swears in newly elected School Board members Eric Johnson and Jennifer Sottak Tuesday before the Shaker Regional School Board meeting. Robert Reed was chosen as chairman of the School Board and Patty Brace as the vice chairman. (David Carkhuff/Laconia Daily Sun)

Inside job?

Three arrested for robbery at Laconia McDonald’s


LACONIA — Police arrested three people Wednesday in connection with an armed robbery at a McDonald's, including a 20-year-old man who was working there at the time of the crime.

"He was the person who was approached at the store. It looks staged," Laconia police Sgt. Mike Finogle said. "He emptied out a cash drawer."

An interaction between the employee and the robber was captured on videotape just before the crime.

"There was definitely some suspicious behavior on a preliminary viewing of the video," Finogle said. "It was an interaction between the two of them that caught our eye."

During the robbery, a man in dark clothing lifted his shirt to show a weapon, possibly a gun or knife, in his waistband, Finogle said.

Arrested at a residence on Varney Court were Ricky A. Davis, 21, of Wakefield; Brandon M. Miles, 20, of Laconia, and Danielle S. Maupin, 20, of Gilford.

Davis, who refused bail, is accused of armed robbery.

Miles, who also refused bail, was employed at the restaurant at 1231 Union Ave. He and Maupin, who was released on her own recognizance, are charged with conspiracy.

After the robbery, a police dog followed a scent for about one-quarter mile south of the restaurant, and then lost the track where the suspect may have entered a vehicle and left the area, Finogle said.

He also said some evidence was also found along that path but didn't give specifics or say how much money was taken from the restaurant. No weapon was recovered.

The president of the ownership group for the restaurant issued a statement.

"The safety of our employees and customers is our utmost priority," said Jeremy Hinton, president of the Napoli Group. "None of our crew members were injured in the incident and we are cooperating fully with the local police in their investigation." 

Brandon Miles

Brandon Miles

Ricky Davis

Ricky Davis