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Correction: Joshua Fox never lived at 918 North Main Street

Based on police and court records, The Daily Sun on Friday, July 11 reported that accused purse snatcher Joshua Fox is a resident of 918 North Main Street in Laconia. The person who does live at that address has informed the newspaper that Mr. Fox does not live at the location and never has.

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Clarification: Laconia Shoe at S&W from 1972-1987

An article published on Thursday, July 10 edition about a group of volunteers who have cleaned up a portion of the Winnipesaukee Riverbank in Laconia included a reference to "Shoe Shop Beach" because the Laconia Shoe Company was once located in the large building nearby that is usually referred to as the Scott & Williams building (today, it is owned by the Laconia Housing Authority and is known as Normandin Square). The article noted the term "Shoe Shop Beach" dated to the  1960s and 1970s but that reference was off by a decade. The Laconia Shoe Company operated in the building from 1972 to 1987.

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Gilford man alleged to have hit girlfriend wiht car

CIRCUIT COURT — A Gilford man was ordered held on $3,000 cash bail for allegedly hitting his girlfriend with his car after an argument the two had on Elm Street in Laconia, near the Laconia Country Club.

Eric W. Dow, 22, of 122 Yasmin Drive is charged with one count of second degree assault, one count of simple assault, one count of conduct after an accident, one count of felony reckless conduct, one count of criminal threatening and one count of driving after revocation.

According to affidavits filed in 4th Circuit Court-Laconia Division, police responded to Elm Street at 9:22 p.m. Monday for a disturbance. The callers said they heard some yelling and saw a blond girl walking away from a car whose driver was blowing the horn at her. They said they saw a man get out of car, run up to her, grab her, push her and yell at her to get in the car.

One of the witnesses said he went to help the girl and Dow, who was driving the car, allegedly put it in reverse and nearly hit him. Dow then is said to have left the area.

Police said the victim had a laceration on her big toe. She told them she got it when Dow allegedly hit her from behind with the car and she fell to her hands and knees. She said her toe dragged on the pavement.

She told police the two were at Ahern State Park and had an argument. She said he threatened to hit her so she left the park and began walking. She said he allegedly followed her but when she got back into the car he allegedly slapped her across the face.

The city prosecutor asked for $5,000 cash only bail saying Dow has a previous conviction for DWI in 2nd Circuit Court, Plymouth Division.

Dow's public defender said requested personal recognizance bail arguing that the facts of the case are in dispute and that Dow has no previous incidences of violence.

Judge Jim Carroll ordered him held on $3,000 cash bail. He is also ordered to stay away from the victim and not to drive.

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9 time sex offender agrees to spend a minimum of 20 years in prison

LACONIA — A former Union Avenue man will serve 25 to 50 years in state prison for having sexual contact with two minors behind the Gilford Cinemas in October of 2013.

David Ferland, 38, pleaded guilty yesterday to one count of felonious sexual assault, one count of sexual assault, one count being a sex offender and of failing to register an on line identity with authorities, and one count of failing to report.

Judge Larry Smukler accepted Ferland's plea yesterday in the Belknap County Superior Court. He also ruled that should Ferland complete a sex offender's education program while in prison, five years of the minimum sentence can be suspended.

Deputy Asst. Belknap County Attorney Carley Ahern told Smukler that Ferland has nine previous convictions for felonious sexual assault and 21 convictions for possession of child pornography. Because of his record, he could have been sentenced to life in prison.

Ferland was sentenced to 25 to 50 years for the felonious sexual assault, 3 1/2 to seven years not registering an on line profile with police, 3 1/2 to seven years for sexual assault, and 12 months in the house of corrections for failure to report to police.

The two other prison sentences will be served concurrently with the primary sentence while the 12 months in the house of corrections was suspended pending good behavior.

The charges came to light when one of the victim's parents noticed some images on his daughter's cell phone and notified the Gilford Police. Investigators realized the same baseball cap was in both photos and showed the photos to other law enforcement agencies including the N.H. Division of Parole and Probation.

Ferland's parole officer recognized the chest of drawers in one of the photos and told police he knew where the photo was taken.

During his interview at the jail, police said he told them he agreed to buy some flavored vodka for the two 15-year-old victims in exchange for the digital penetration of one while the other touched him.

Ahern told Smukler that the police were in agreement with the negotiated plea bargain and that she had spoken to both victims and their parents. She said one of the victims felt Ferland deserved the death penalty but she explained to her and her family that it wasn't possible.

Neither victim was in court yesterday. Ferland chose not to speak.

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