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Gallagher & Fields win in Sanborton & Tilton

SANBORNTON & TILTON — Republicans captured the two seats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives in Sanbornton and Tilton as incumbent Dennis Fields was re-elected to his 15th term and Brian Gallagher was elected to his first.

The sweep ousted incumbent Democrat Ian Raymond, of Sanbornton, who was seeking re-election to a second term.

Gallagher, a former financial official in the governor's budget office and at the Surpeme Court, topped the poll with 723 votes in Sanbornton, his hometown, and 556 votes in Tilton for a total of 1,279. Fields ran a close second with 1,198 votes, 646 in Sanbornton, where he resides, and 552 in Tilton.

Raymond polled 1,103 votes, 595 in Sanbornton and 508 in Tilton to finish ahead of fellow Democrat Jane Alden of Tilton who received 558 votes in Tilton and 484 votes in Sanbornton for a total 1,042.

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David DeVoy elected county commissioner

LACONIA — Republican Dave DeVoy of Sanbornton carried all six wards in Laconia along with the towns of Sanbornton and New Hampton to top Democrat Dave Pollak of Laconia in the race for Belknap County Commissioner.

DeVoy took Laconia by 2,922 votes to 2,125 votes, Sanbornton by 785 votes 474 votes and New Hampton by 517 votes to 314 votes.

In Laconia, DeVoy won Ward 1 by 649 to 376, Ward 2 by 391 to 302, Ward 3 by 448 to 443, Ward 4 by 407 to 308, Ward 5 by 331 to 236 and Ward 6 by 696 to 460.

DeVoy will succeed Democrat Ed Philpot of Laconia, who did not seek re-election to a third term. He joins Republicans Richard Burchell of Gilmanton, who served one term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives before being elected to the county commission unopposed, and incumbent Republican Steve NBedeau of Meredith on the three-member commission.

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City Charter amendments all pass

LACONIA — The city will no longer hold a primary election if no more than 2 candidates file for mayor or the six city council seats.

Voters yesterday overwhelmingly approved a series of seven City Charter amendments aimed at voting procedures. The changes will take effect with elections held in the fall of 2015.

Amendment number four, which passed by a vote of 3,237 (69 percent) to 1,461, called for the elimination of the traditional September primary elections in instances with two or fewer candidates file candidates file for a spot on the ballot. The 10-day-long filing period will also be moved from early June back to early August.

Amendment number six, which passed by a vote of 3,233 (68 percent) to 1,494, set a floor (35) on the number of write-in votes needed in a primary election in order to earn a spot on the general election ballot. Successful write-in candidates would also need to finish as one of the two leading primary vote getters.

In calling for the adoption of the amendments, city officials cited the high cost (nearly $10,000) of conducting primary elections in which few if any candidates are actually eliminated. In recent years, primary election turnout has been as low as 3 percent of registered voters.

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Republicans take all 5 House seats representing Laconia

LACONIA — Republicans swept all four seats in Belknap District Three (Laconia), with incumbents Don Flanders (2,818), Frank Tilton (2,748) and Robert Luther (2,547) being joined by newcomer Peter Spanos (2,576) in Tuesday's election.

Incumbent Democrat David Huot (2,442) was the top vote getter for the Democrats, followed by Kate Miller (1,934), Tom Dawson (1,873) and Mo Baxley (1,825).

In House District 9 (Laconia-Belmont) Republican Robert Fisher (3,775) defeated incumbent Democrat Beth Arsenault (3,499).



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