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M'Borough selectmen have not yet acted on petition seeking new administrator

MOULTONBOROUGH — The selectmen have yet to address a petition presented earlier this month urging them not to renew the contract of Town Administrator Carter Terenzini when it expires on March 31 and to convene a committee to begin searching for his successor.

When the Selectboard met last week, Chairman Joel Mudgett said that there has not been an opportunity to discuss the petition. When Selectman Chris Shipp suggested the board schedule a non-public meeting to consider the issue, his colleagues appeared to agree, but took no steps to convene a meeting.

When the petition bearing nearly 200 signatures was presented, the board accepted it in silence, save for Shipp who asked how many residents had signed it, while Terenzini jotted down notes. Speaking almost under his breath, Mudgett said that the board would take the petition "under advisement".
Jordan Prouty, longtime trustee of the trust funds, presented the petition. Reading from a prepared statement he described the town administrator as "the face of the town to the public," whose "actions, values, demeanor and character reflect who we are as a community. When citizens find that his conduct and values and actions do not reflect positively on our community," he continued, "they are left with no recourse, but to appeal to the body that made the decision to employ Mr. Terenzini."
Prouty said that petitioners share "a firm faith that a change will make for a better future." Noting "we wish Mr. Terenzini no ill will," he claimed that "his actions have created animosity and divisiveness both in and out of town hall" and concluded "we have lost confidence in his ability to properly represent the citizens of Moultonboro." The petitioners, he said, "do not take this action lightly," but believe a change is required to "move forward in a positive manner that better reflects our values."
The signatories to the petition, Prouty said, "are making a clear, fair request for a more harmonious future," which requires a town administrator "with natural leadership skills and values matching those exemplified by our many long term volunteers."
Terenzini has been unpopular among a section of the community for much of his five-year tenure and questions about his renewing his contract have arisen before.

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Police break-up underage drinking party at Gilford hotel

GILFORD — Police broke up an under-aged drinking party Friday night at the Fireside Inn after another guest called to complain about the noise.

Acting Chief Jim Leach said police found five males three of whom were under the age of 21. One of the boys appeared to be celebrating his 18th birthday.

He said police charged the three 18-year-old boys with unlawful possession of alcohol and one of them was charged with possessing a small amount of marijuana.

Leach said all of the boys appeared to be from the Bellerica, Mass. area and all were released to the custody of a sober adult.

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Eric Grant trial for alleged rape scheduled to begin Nov. 12

LACONIA — The trial for the founder and namesake of the popular Eric Grant Band for aggravated felonious sexual assault is scheduled to begin on November 12 in the Belknap County Superior Court.

Grant is charged with digitally penetrating a female child on December 31, 2006. At the time of the alleged crime, the child was under 13.

Grant, a Sanbornton resident, has maintained his innocence and said he would fight the charges.

Earlier this month, Judge James O'Neill ruled that the alleged victim's step-father — a California resident — must be in court if Grant's defense team wishes to call him as a witness.

The man, who Grant's attorney Emily McLaughlin said was sober and present the evening of the alleged assault, said he saw Grant give the girl a "wedgie" that night but didn't see him sexually assault her.

McLaughlin said this statement is consistent with what Grant recalled.

According to paperwork filed in court, the victim, who now lives in California, allegedly told a counselor about the alleged attack. The counselor reported what the victim told her to a police investigator.

Both the state and the defense have agreed to allow the investigator's testimony to be submitted to the jury in the form of her video deposition, however the state has objected to allowing the video deposition of the alleged victim's therapist be entered by the defense without her being present.

A final pre-trail session is scheduled for this week.

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Over weekend, 1 Laconia convenience store target of burglar(s) & another robbed by man on a bike

LACONIA — Police were kept busy this weekend by an attempted burglary at a Church Street convenience store early Sunday morning and the robbery of a different convenience store later that evening.

In the first matter, a police officer on routine patrol found a ladder leaned against the back wall of the Laconia Spa. The ladder was under a window that appeared to have been broken however no entry was made.

Lt. Matt Canfield said yesterday that a ladder was one of the items reported stolen from the Boy Scout shed located behind Holy Trinity Catholic School in a burglary investigated last week but police have not confirmed it's the same ladder used in the attempted burglary at the Laconia Spa. The school is located near the convenience store, on the opposite side of Church Street.

Police estimate the attempted burglary took place between 11:30 p.m. on Saturday until about 1:20 a.m. Sunday.

In the second matter, a lone, white male about 5-feet 7-inches tall wearing a mask and a gray and white stripped hoodie entered the Premium Mart on Court Street and demanded the cash.

Police said no threats were made and no weapons were shown. The said the robber fled on foot and was seen moments later on a black mountain bicycle.

There were witnesses and the store has video surveillance.

Police said they have no reason to think the two incidents are related.

If anyone has any information about either crime, they are asked to call the Laconia Police at 524-5252 or the Greater Laconia Crime Line at 524-1717.

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