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Negotiations involving Laconia police union still ongoing

LACONIA — The Police Commissioners will not be presented with a new patrolman's union contract in time for their regularly scheduled meeting Thursday afternoon.

According to Capt. Bill Clary, a member of the management negotiating team, the two sides are still talking and have scheduled a negotiation meeting for some time next week.

As of July 1, the members of the Laconia Police Officers' Association are working without benefit of a collective bargaining agreement.

The negotiating teams that consists of union leaders and police management agreed on a tentative contract earlier in the summer. The commissioners then unanimously accepted it, but the rank and file union membership rejected it.

Practically, this means that the membership is forgoing the 2 percent raise that was included in the tentative agreement but still has access to a comprehensive health insurance plan that was eliminated.

Should the negotiating team agree on new terms and the commissioners vote to accept it, the cost provisions would have to be approved by the City Council.

On June 12, the City Council rejected a three-year contract submitted to them by the city manager, in conjunction with the Laconia firefighters union. At the present time, the city has no contract with any of the four unions that represent its employees.

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City's Motorcycle Week revenue was off 14%

LACONIA — Despite the fine weather during Motorcycle Week, city revenues from fees from vendor licenses and site plans shrank 14 percent, from $164,007 in 2013 to $140,935 this year.

City Manager Scott Myers told the City Council this week that some vendors may have been confused because this year the rally began rather than ended on Father's Day. He estimated that approximately 40 fewer licenses were issued this year than last and said that the Weirs Beach Drive-In, the Heat (restaurant) and Funspot, as well as the site of the former water slide, all appeared to have less vendors than in the past.

Since 2007, Motorcycle Weeks has operated as a city enterprise fund by setting the revenues against the expenses and applying the net income to purchases of equipment for the police, fire and public works departments that service the event. Over those years, revenues have totaled $1,338,453, expenses $1,108,492 and net income $279,961, of which $148,911 has been spent to leave a blance of $131,050.

Revenues reached $226,615 in 2007 and $185,399 in 2008. then averaged $167,100 between 2009 and 2013. Meanwhile, expenses, after topping $172,000 in 2008, have averaged $127,350 since.

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Correction: Joshua Fox never lived at 918 North Main Street

Based on police and court records, The Daily Sun on Friday, July 11 reported that accused purse snatcher Joshua Fox is a resident of 918 North Main Street in Laconia. The person who does live at that address has informed the newspaper that Mr. Fox does not live at the location and never has.

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Clarification: Laconia Shoe at S&W from 1972-1987

An article published on Thursday, July 10 edition about a group of volunteers who have cleaned up a portion of the Winnipesaukee Riverbank in Laconia included a reference to "Shoe Shop Beach" because the Laconia Shoe Company was once located in the large building nearby that is usually referred to as the Scott & Williams building (today, it is owned by the Laconia Housing Authority and is known as Normandin Square). The article noted the term "Shoe Shop Beach" dated to the  1960s and 1970s but that reference was off by a decade. The Laconia Shoe Company operated in the building from 1972 to 1987.

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