Alton man to serve 12 months on oxycodone conviction

LACONIA – An Alton man was sentenced to serve 12 months in the Belknap County House of Corrections last week for possessing with intent to sell just over 300 pills of oxycodone in June of 2013.

Robert Saulnier, 43, of 7 Riverside Drive was also sentenced to 1 to 3 years in the N.H. State Prison for possession of methamphetamine, however that sentence was suspended pending good behavior for five years.

Saulnier was pulled over by Belmont Police and found to have the drugs in his possession.

He was also ordered to pay a total of $1,240 in fines ($620 of which was suspended) and directed to undergo a substance abuse evaluation.

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Judge dismisses Laconia eviction case

LACONIA – Fourth Circuit Court Judge Jim Carroll dismissed an eviction notice case after ruling the landlord didn't provide proper notice to the tenant that the eviction process was continuing even after he paid a portion of the $167 back rent.

In his ruling, Carroll noted the landlord and the tenant had been having ongoing problems with bedbugs. The tenant testified that he and one of the landlord's agents agreed that the landlord would pay for two rounds of laundry at a cost of $81.

The tenant testified he paid a second agent of the landlord $89.50 in cash but was under the impression the payment stopped the eviction process while the landlord was under a different impression and wanted the balance.

At the hearing, the landlord presented documentation from a professional pest service confirming there were no bedbugs in the apartment leaving only the matter of the remaining laundry money dispute.

Carroll ruled that because the landlord has multiple agents, one of them was obligated to tell the tenant that the eviction procedure was continuing and that he still owed $81. Since no one did, the case was dismissed.

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Clean up at Frank Bean Road to begin this fall

LACONIA — City Manager Scott Myers said yesterday that he expects to solicit bids for excavating, removing and capping contaminated soils at an abandoned burn dump on Frank Bean Road and perhaps begin work at the site before winter.

The dump, which operated in the 1940s and 1950s, is part of a site that sprawls across some 75 acres on either side of Frank Bean Road, which also includes disused landfill owned by the city. The burn dump extends over four lots, three of which have been purchased by the city, and stretches along Frank Bean Road for about 1,000 feet and is estimated to contain about 110, 000 cubic yards of "burn dump material," including metals, volatile organic compounds and polycyclic aromatics hydrocarbons. However, samples of private wells serving the four lots indicate no adverse impacts to the quality of drinking water.

Originally the city proposed treating each of the four properties differently, which required excavating, removing and disposing of a significant amount of contaminated material at an estimated cost of $1.38 million, excluding the cost of monitoring groundwater and maintaining pavement at the site for 15 years.

However, in June the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) approved an alternative plan to raze the buildings on the three properties it purchased, clear and grub approximately 87,000-square-feet and cap the site with two feet of clean fill. At the fourth property the city will pave a parking lot and landscape a grassy lawn, which will require excavating about 1,500-cubic-yards of material that will be spread over the other three properties.
By minimizing grading and eliminating excavation and disposal, the cost of the revised plan is estimated at $610,000, excluding the more than $300,000 spent to purchase the three lots. The 2014-2015 city budget included a borrowing of $1.2 million to fund the project.
"We control the properties and the money is in place," Myers said. "We'll go out to bid and start moving soil this fall."

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