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Lakes Region Child Care moving from Belmont Mill to East Gate Park

BELMONT – Lakes Region Child Care Services has plans to relocate its program from the Belmont Mill to 24 East Gate Park.

Program Director Marti Ilg said the relocation will allow the program to serve up to 15 more children – helping to alleviate the waiting list of nearly 20 children.

"We're trying to responsibly meet the demands of child care in the area," Ilg said yesterday.

Lakes Region Child Care operates three facilities – one in Belmont, one in Laconia and one on Plymouth. Its programs served 440 children from 28 individual communities last year. The agency employs 43 people and provides just under 60,000 days of day care to area families, said Ilg.

They also operate summer programs from Laconia's and Belmont's four total elementary schools.

The agency has been operating in Belmont program from the Belmont Mill since 2006.

"We've maximized the space over there and they've (the mill and the town of Belmont) been very good to us," said Ilg. She said the mill facility has a maximum capacity of 45 children, but because of staggered scheduling, this year they serviced 55 children.

"We have wait lists for all of our programs," she said.

Ilg said the new space is about 4,000 square feet – nearly double the space in the Belmont Mill.

She said along with the additional space for programs, the agency has plans to relocate one of the offices from Laconia to Belmont, possibly opening up more space in the Laconia program.

Ilg said the agency presented its proposal to the Application Review Committee in Belmont and received some overall favorable responses.

She said there are plans to put the playground in the rear of the building where now there is pavement. The plan is to have Pike Industries reclaim the pavement.

She said there is a "U" driveway in front of the building that could allow buses, although she said the vast majority of the children are brought to the school by their parents.

She said Police Chief Mark Lewandoski initially expressed some concerns about the additional traffic entering and exiting East Gate Park, but was somewhat relieved when he learned that the children are brought to the agency a various times during the day.

Ilg said the agency has hired Warren Architects to complete the plans, and Meredith Village Savings Bank will be used for financing the building retrofit.

Ilg said she hopes to appear before the Planning Board in December for the site plan review and then they can go to the various state licensing boards for all the necessary approvals.

She said if all goes as planned, Lakes Region Child Care could be in its new location by next April or May.

"I think this will work out well," Ilg said. "We can expand our programming and the town can go forward with their plans for the Belmont Mill. This is a win-win."

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Correction: Tilton tax rate is $22.08

CORRECTION — An article in the Laconia Daily Sun earlier this week mistakenly reported that the Tilton property tax rate has been set at $19.91. The story overlooked the tax rate for the Titlton-Northfield Fire District of $2.17, which when added to town, school and county tax rates raises the total tax rate to $22.08 per $1,000 of assessed value. We regret the error.

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Police identify drug overdose victim

LACONIA – Police have identified the woman who died of a suspected drug overdose in Weirs Beach sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning as Susan Clark, 50, of 30 Weeks St.

Police said Clark likely died of a heroin overdose and the investigation into her death is active and ongoing.

Police said they found paraphernalia consistent with heroin use, as well as some paraphernalia often used in other drug use, but declined to elaborate.

To date this year, police have investigated eight suspected heroin overdoses in the city.

Last week, Stand Up Laconia working with the Laconia Police held an information grieving session that was attended by about 150 people.


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Held as evidence, stolen truck costing school district $75 per day


LACONIA – An attorney for the Laconia School District has filed a motion in Belknap County Superior Court for the release of a plow truck that was stolen from the high school and crashed in Belmont on Aug. 3.

The truck, a 2012 Ford F-350, is the school district's only plowing truck, and is also used for sanding, salting, and other maintenance uses around the school district.

It is being held as evidence and housed at a private tow company's lot in Tilton. The district is being charged $75 per day for storage and, as of Oct. 22, has accumulated a $5,500 bill.

According to court paperwork obtained from the 4th District Court, Laconia Division, Dennis LeFebvre, 33, of 14188 44th Court in Summerfield, Fla., faces once count of receiving stolen property. He is also charged with one count of driving while intoxicated and one count of leaving the scene of an accident.

LeFebvre case has been bound over from the Circuit Court to the Superior Court, however he has not been indicted. The Laconia Police are also investigating the actual theft of the truck from inside the high school.

The Laconia School District argues that withholding the vehicle from them is creating a hardship, "particularly after the passage of more than 10 weeks after its recovery on August 4, 2014."

In his motion, School District Attorney Paul Fitzgerald argues that the truck has little or no evidentiary value and it is highly unlikely it would be used as an exhibit at trial. He said any utility the truck has to the state's possible prosecution of LeFebvre or his defense attorney can be documented through photographs, drawings, measurements, and automobile reports.

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