2 men survive end-to-end car flip on Parade Road

LACONIA — Two men escaped serious injury yesterday afternoon when the car they were in left upper Parade Road and landed in some trees.

According to a media release, police said a Pontiac Sunfire was on Parade Road when the driver, identified as Christopher Levreault of Warren Street, struck a culvert on the east side of the road.

Police said the preliminary investigation indicates the car went into the air and rolled end to end at least once before coming to a stop. The car was headed south on the east side of the road when it came to a stop.

Firefighters assisted Levereault in getting out of the car and he was taken by ambulance to Lakes Region General Hospital and was likely going to be held overnight for observation.

Leverault's passenger Robert Moody of Endicott Street was able to get out of the car on his own. He was also taken by ambulance to the Lakes Region General Hospital. Police expect he was going to be released last night.

Police said there was no indication that there was any braking or evasive action before the car left the road. It also doesn't appear speed or alcohol were factors in the crash.

Police continue to investigate and ask that if anyone saw the crash or has any information about it to call 524-5252.

Muskrats offer $300 stipend for host families

LACONIA — With a little over two weeks remaining until the Laconia Muskrats report for their sixth season at Robbie Mills Field, general manager Noah Crane is looking for local families to step up to the plate to provide homes for 13 college-age ballplayers.
"We're short of host families," Crane said, adding that the Muskrats are offering a $300 stipend to help families with the cost of feeding the players.
''If we don't get these 13 beds we will have to cancel our season, which would be devastating.'' said Crane, who added "The community has always stepped up and I'm sure it will again.".
He said that players will be arriving in the city on May 31 with the first practice scheduled for June 1 and that the season will open on June 4 with the Muskrats hosting North Adams, Mass., in a 6:30 p.m. game.
All players are college students on summer break as the Muskrats compete in the New England Collegiate Baseball League.
Crane said that all that is expected of host families is "a spare bed, access to laundry and occasional meals, especially breakfast and that can be a bowl of cereal, not bacon and eggs every morning," In return, family members receive free admission to all games — home and away — discounts on Muskrats' merchandise and a seat at the host family dinner and other special events.
"And they enjoy the company of a potential major league ballplayer for two months," he said.
Crane said that more information, including testimonials from past host families, is posted on the team's website, laconiamuskrats.com under "get involved."
Anyone interested hosting a player for the season should contact Crane at 1-864-380-2873 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Weirs could see 18-mile detours during red-listed bridge replacement

LACONIA — City Council members learned Monday night that the replacement of a red listed bridge on Route 3 that passes over the state-owned railroad line will create either major traffic delays or 18-mile detours around the Weirs area.

Officials from the state Department of Transportation briefed the council on the $1.5 million project, which they said will take place in 2019. They are in the process of setting a date for an informational meeting on the project.

DOT had set a tentative date of June 17 for the informational meeting but dropped that date when council members told them it would fall in the middle of this year's Bike Week.

The bridge is on the northern side of the Weirs Channel bridge and was built in the 1930s. It rests on a stone lined abutment, which the department said is basically sound and can be rehabilitated.

But the concrete bridge has deteriorated and shows obvious signs of wear, which put on the department's red list as a top priority for replacement.

One proposal under study for traffic control during construction is for alternating one-way traffic across the bridge, which would result in significant construction delays and extend the length of the project to 120 days. Another option is closing the bridge, which would result in detours of much as 18 miles, and would allow completion within 60 days.

Officials said work would take place from February into May under the one-way traffic plan or from April 1 into May under the closure plan.

DOT says that before the project can be undertaken it will need to be coordinated with a number of other state agencies, including the rail bureau, cultural resources and environmental services. It is located in an area where a major archeological dig in the 1970s located artifacts from Native American occupation of the site as a fishing village.