Thursday debris fire spread to home in Franklin

FRANKLIN — A duplex home was damaged enough by fire on Thursday afternoon to be declared uninhabitable until repairs are completed.

Fire Department Captain Steve Fecteau said a fire started in a pile of debris located between houses at 66 and 68 Bow Street and spread to the home identified by the former number. The fire burned through the electrical service to the house and the wire came down, electrifying a metal fence and complicating the fire-fighting effort.

It took firefighters approximately 35 minutes to get the fire under control, from the time the alarm was sounded. The house at 69 Bow Street suffered minor charring. There were injuries at either location.

Tilton-Northfield and Belmont Fire Departments responded to the scene as part of Mutual Aid.

Police end search for missing Laconia woman

GILFORD — Gilford police have called off the search for a Laconia woman, last seen at a Gilford hotel, who had been missing since Saturday night. Officials would not confirm on Friday afternoon that her body had been found in Alton.

Around mid-day on Thursday, a post appeared on Gilford Police Department's Facebook page seeking information on the whereabouts of Jeanne Pochily of Laconia, who had last been seen on Saturday night, leaving the TownPlace Suites hotel. The Facebook page provided a photo and description of the 44-year-old woman, and later in the day, a description of the vehicle she was believed to be driving.

The information was not released to traditional state or local media outlets.

Gilford Police Chief Anthony Bean Burpee said yesterday that Pochily's vehicle was located in Alton on Thursday night, and that Alton Police located Pochily on Friday morning. Bean Burpee said his department is no longer requesting the public's help in the matter.

Alton Police Chief Ryan Heath declined to discuss the issue yesterday, saying only, "We have no comment at this point, our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends."

Town of Meredith truck fished from bottom of big lake

MEREDITH — Firefighters, together with helping hands from Sea Town and Harper Towing, spent more than three hours yesterday seeking to retrieve a Ford F-150 pickup belonging to the Town of Meredith and assigned to the Parks and Recreation Department from 10 feet of water some 400 feet off the sands at Leavitt Beach.

The truck, driven by an unidentified town employee, was parked on the beach on Lake Winnipesaukee, but around 10 a.m. it rolled into the lake near the swimming area. Amid a strong current and stiff breeze it rolled through the shallows over a sand bar to deeper water where it sank at once. Although covered by 10 or 12 feet of water, the truck was only a few feet from the waist deep water covering the sand bar. Shortly after 10:30 a.m. Deputy Fire Chief Andre Kloetz and his team on the fire boat located the truck and soon a Marine Patrol officer also reached the scene.

Harper Towing stationed a Ford Super-duty pickup at the water's edge and ran a line to the Sea Tow boat. Kloetz said that air bags were inflated in the cab to lighten the sunken truck, which was then hooked to the line. He described conditions as "tough", explaining that positioning the boats to to inflate the air bags and connect the line proved challenging. However, once secured, the truck was lifted on to the sand bar and easily towed ashore by about 2 p.m.