BHS graduate dies in car crash

CANTERBURY — The Daily Sun has learned a 2012 graduate of Belmont High School was killed in a car accident Monday at 8:30 p.m. on Shaker Road.

Guidance Councilor Brenda Seiferth remembered William "Bill" Ainsworth as a great kid who was "super fun-loving." She said he attended Belmont High for three years and made a lot of great friends.

She said he took classes in automotive technology at the Huot Technical Center and really loved his cars.

Seiferth said most of the current students at the high school didn't know him, but noted his death created a somber tone for the school day and that guidance counselors and the school psychologist were ready to help any students who were distraught.

According to Canterbury Fire Chief Peter Angwin, it appears Ainsworth lost control of his car while heading toward Loudon or south.

He said the car left the road, hit a tree, careened over a stone wall and burst into flames on the other side of the wall.

Angwin said Ainsworth's passenger, who is not being identified, jumped from the car and tried to help his friend get out of the car but was unable to do so. The passenger was taken by ambulance to Lakes Region General Hospital with what Angwin described as minor injuries.

"We had to take him," Angwin said. "The airbag deployed and hit him pretty hard."

The Union Leader reported that neighbors who heard the crash also tried to help.

Angwin said Ainsworth was pronounced dead at the scene by the N.H. Medical Examiner.

The New Hampshire State Police are continuing to investigate.

Farm-fresh veggies on the menu for Got Lunch! Laconia this summer

LACONIA — Got Lunch! Laconia, now in its fifth year of feeding school aged children during the summer months, is adding fresh vegetables to the food that it will be providing this summer.
Paula Gile, associate pastor of the Laconia Congregational Church and one of the founders of the program, says that Got Lunch! is partnering with the Lakes Region Agricultural Collaborative to provide vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, radishes, summer squash, zucchini and carrots for distribution to families in the city.
''We're very excited about being able to provide locally-gown fresh produce,'' says Gile, adding that all of the farms provide Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships for Got Lunch! and will be supplying produce which will vary from week to week during the growing season.
She said that the farms which will be providing the vegetables are Beans & Greens Farm in Gilford, Red Manse Farm in Loudon, Still Seeking Farm in Gilmanton and Winnipesaukee Woods Farm located in Alton and Gilford.
She says the idea for the collaboration came from Aaron Lichtenbeg of Winnipesaukee Woods, who approached Got Lunch with the idea and once he became aware of how many children would need to be fed, contacted the other farms about partnering with the summer food program.
''Aaron is going to pick up all of the produce from the farms on Friday and bring it to Beans & Greens, where it can be stored over the weekend in their cooler. On Monday he'll be bringing it to the Congregational Church where Got Lunch! volunteers will be bagging the food for drivers to distribute,'' said Gile.
Proceeds from the recent ''Eat Out for Got Lunch!'' promotion are being used to help support the vegetable portion of the program.
Got Lunch was formed in 2011 to help provide meals for needy students during the summer months when there are no student meal programs in city schools, where 60 percent of students are eligible for free and reduced price lunches.
It fed 344 children in its first year, 493 the next year, 570 in 2013 and 632 children from 296 families last year.
Gile says that already there have been more than 400 applications filed for this year's program, which will have its first distribution of food on June 22.

A week's worth of healthy lunch groceries are delivered to homes mid to late morning every Monday during the school vacation. The program also provides dairy vouchers redeemable at Vista for a choice of milk, eggs, cheese or yogurt.

For registration information call 524-0668. Those who would like to volunteer can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 520-4383.

Meredith lauded for biggest Memorial Day crowd in 25 years

MEREDITH — What longtime resident Bob Ambrose called  the biggest crowd in 25 years" paid tribute to the men and women of the armed forces who lost their lives in the service of their country during ceremonies here yesterday marked by formal solemnities suiting the occasion as well as unforeseen twists reflecting its authenticity.

Led by a color guard, the parade, featuring a a caravan of vintage automobiles, trucks and a tractor — one convertible graced by Samantha Poirer of Dover, the reigning Miss New Hampshire — rolled up Main Street to the beat of the Inter-Lakes High School marching band to reach the Meredith Public Library right at 10 a.m.

Following the Star Spangled Banner and Pledge of Allegiance New Hampshire Senator Jeanie Forrester, herself a resident of Meredith reminded her listeners that "we are here to honor our heroes", those with "courage, pride, determination, selflessness and dedication to duty, to causes bigger than themselves." She told the crowd that their presence was a tribute to "the ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things."

Former commander of the Griggs-Wyatt American Legion Post 33, Bob Kennelly confessed "I plagiarized this speech," then read an eloquent paean to all those who sacrificed their lives to safeguard the liberty all Americans enjoy. Then, aware the wreaths to be laid at the library and floated on the lake had been left behind at the Legion Hall, he asked "did we get the wreaths yet?" After the wreath was placed at the foot of the flagpole on the library lawn and the strains of taps drifted across Main Street Kennelly remarked "you didn't go shopping,. you didn't go buy a car" and thanked everyone for showing their support of America's veterans, both the quick and the dead.

Ceremonies continued at Hesky Park, where at "The Rock" a vigil in remembrance of American prisoners of war and missing in action has been held every Thursday evening for the past 27 years. Kennelly again paid honor to nation's fallen heroes whose "souls go marching on.""  As he drew to a close, the claxon at the Fire Station began to sound. Unruffled, he declared "I couldn't put a better ending on it."

Offering a prayer, Alicia Gorrell, Auxiliary Chaplin of Post 33, eyed the flags waving above "The Rock": "The flag does not fly with the wind that blew it," she said, "but with the last breaths of the men and women who fought for it."

Bob Jones, vice-president of the Northeast POW/MIA Network, also spoke to the flags, stressing the "Honor and Remember Flag", a red and white banner featuring a gold star with a flame at its center, which honors everyone who has died in the service of the country from the Revolutionary War to the present day. The Honor and Remember Foundation awards the standard, with e name of the fallen veteran embroidered on it, to the family. At Hesky Park it flies alongside the Stars and Stripes, state flag and POW/Mia Flag. Jones said that the flag has been presented to 31 families in New Hampshire.

The ceremony closed as Keri Jackman, who served six years in the United States States Navy and another six in the naval reserve, laid the second wreath on the waters of Meredith Bay and the honor guard fired a salute. CAPTIONS:

CAPTION: Aboard a Marine Patrol vessel Keri Jackman, a six-year veteran of the United States Navy, laid a wreath on the waters of Meredith Bay to close the Memorial Day ceremonies at Hesky Park yesterday. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Michael Kitch).

CAPTION: New Hampshire Senator Jeanie Forrester of Meredith and Bob Kennelly, former commander of Griggs-Wyatt American Legion Post 33, addressed a large crowd gathered at the Meredith Public Library as the town celebrated Memorial Day yesterday. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Michael Kitch)