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Casey Bean promoted to sergeant at county Department of Corrections

LACONIA — Officer Casey Bean was promoted to the position of sergeant effective Sept. 4, according to Superintendent Keith C. Gray of the Belknap County Department of Corrections. Casey was hired as a correctional officer on Jan. 14, 2008. He has been the department's training officer for the past six years and has served as a shift supervisor on many occasions. In his new position, Sgt. Bean will supervise and lead third shift personnel as their watch commander. Sgt. Bean will also join the management team of the DOC helping to develop and review policies, standardize jail operations and manage the development of junior officers.
"We, at the Belknap County Department of Corrections congratulate Casey on this important career milestone and look forward to seeing him succeed in his new position," said Gray.

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All for Max

09-14 Max ride check

Max Gagnon, 4, center front wearing a basketball T-shirt, accepts a check on behalf of his family for $5,112 raised by downtown businesses to help offset some of the costs of his cancer treatments. The money was raised two weeks ago by a raffle and a bicycle ride along the WOW Trail that began and ended at Wayfarer Coffee Roasters. (Gail Ober/Laconia Daily Sun)

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LP leak

LP leak

09-13 LP leak

Firefighters closed Meredith Center Road on Monday morning for about 30 minutes to manage a propane spill. An Eastern Propane delivery truck was traveling north on Meredith Center Road, Fire Chief Ken Erickson said, when a motorist alerted the driver that the truck was leaking from a worn hose. The driver of the truck pulled over in an area with no nearby homes and awaited assistance. Propane is heavier than air and his highly flammable, and a pocket of the gas could be ignited by the catalytic converter of a passing vehicle, so the road was closed while firefighters used their water hoses to push any possible clouds of propane off of the roadway. (Courtesy Laconia Fire Department)

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