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Boy mauled by propeller in Paugus Bay boating accident

LACONIA — A 10-year-old boy, from North Andover, Mass., who suffered serious injuries to his legs and lower body in an accident Thursday afternoon on Paugus Bay when a boat driven by is father is said to have backed over him, was airlifted by helicopter to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon.
No late night condition report was available on the boy, whose name has not been released by investigators, but Laconia Fire Chief Ken Erickson said the youth had suffered ''major trauma to both legs from waist to toes'' as a result of contact with the boat's propeller.
''He was wakeboarding with his father when the boat accidentally backed over him,'' said Erickson. He said that the father and younger brother, who was also on the boat, were able to pull him back into the boat and bring the boy to the South Down Shores Marina dock.
Laconia rescue workers treated the boy in the boat and removed him from the craft only minutes before a DHART helicopter arrived to take him to Dartmouth-Hitchcock.
''The father deserves a lot of credit for being able to get him back into the boat and bring him to shore,'' said Erickson. He praised the work of the Deputy Chief Shawn Riley and his team of firefighter-paramedics — Chad Vaillancourt, Dennis Comeau, Chucky Campbell and Nathan Mills — who cared for the boy and readied him to be transported.

"They did an absolutely extraordinary job," Erickson said. "I was very proud to watch how well they worked together."

Erickson also praised a dock hand at the marina who assisted in bringing urgently needed medical equipment and supplies to the boat. The Laconia Police cleared a landing zone for the helicopter just 100 yards from the dock. After the DHART flight took off, the father and brother of the victim left in a SUV, which had been parked near the docks, and headed to Lebanon.
Members of the Fire Department remained at the scene and cleaned up the boat so that the grief-stricken father wouldn't have to deal with that when he returned.
The incident was reported to Marine Patrol at 2:55 p.m. and is still under investigation.

Laconia Fire Department members move a 10-year-old boy from North Andover, Mass., who suffered severe injuries from a boat propeller in a wakeboarding accident on Paugus Bay, to an ambulance. The boy was transported by DART helicopter to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon on Thursday afternoon. (Roger Amsden photo for Laconia Daily Sun

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Gilmanton officers fend of attacking German shepherd

GILMANTON — Two police officers escaped injury over the weekend after a man in distress sicced his German shepherd on them.

Chief Joe Collins said Officer Chris Gustafson was able to fend the dog off with his night stick and eventually the animal retreated.

Collins said Gustafson and Officer Corey Brennan responded to the home that is in the Sawyer Lake area at 5:35 p.m. Friday for a call for an attempted suicide.

When they arrived, Collins said the home owner initially came out of his house and began yelling at the police and telling them to get off his property.

When police told them they were only there to make sure he was okay, they said he sicced his dog on them.

When the dog retreated, the man picked up a shovel and headed toward police.

One of the officers zapped the man with a Taser gun and police were able to gain control of him. He was taken to the Lakes Region General Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Collins said the man won't be criminally charged and he is not releasing his name or address because of the reason police responded.

"Fortunately neither officer was injured and we are hopeful the man will get the care he needs," Collins said.

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Laconia man will not be prosecuted for hunting down & fighting alleged burglar at Court St. store

LACONIA — A Center Street man who chased down an alleged burglar who had been in his home had a single count of disorderly conduct placed "on file" in District Court Tuesday.

Michael Gallos, 36, agreed to pay the Cumberland Farms convenience store on Court Street $99.95 for the sun glass display that got broken during his May 14 scuffle with Matthew Andrews, 25, of Sargent Street in Gilford.

Andrews has since been charged with burglary.

According to police reports at the time, Gallos and his wife were at a local sporting event and his 15-year-old niece was home alone. She had left the door open so her younger brother, who was playing outside, could get into the house while she was in her upstairs bedroom.

The girl heard a noise from the kitchen and thought it was her brother. She told police she came down the stairs to yell at him for making so much noise.

Instead, she came face to face with Andrews who told her he was a friend of her uncle's (Gallos) and had permission to be in the house. Andrews left immediately after offering his explanation.

Gallos and his wife returned home within minutes and when his niece described Andrews to him, Gallos said he knew who he was and tracked him down at the convenience store, where the two fought.

Gallos was originally charged with disorderly conduct, simple assault, criminal threatening and criminal mischief. Laconia Police Prosecutor Jim Sawyer didn't prosecute the assault, the criminal threatening or the criminal mischief charges.

Placing the disorderly conduct charge "on file" for six months means that as long as Gallos has no criminal contact with police for six months the charge will be dropped.

After Tuesday's resolution, Gallos said he was grateful to the police, attorney Ted Barnes, and the court for exonerating him and said he wanted to thank his friends and family for being so supportive.

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Teacher contract proposal fails to generate single comment at Ashland deliberative session

ASHLAND — No one spoke at a deliberative session of a special Ashland School District Meeeting Tuesday night, which was called to discuss a three year collective bargaining agreement with the union of teachers at the Elementary School.
The proposed agreement, whose fate will be decided by an official ballot (SB-2) vote on October 1, provides teachers with a 5.5 percent raise over the next three years. Exclusive of seniority step increases, the salary of members of the Ashland Teachers will increase by 1.5 percent in 2013-14 and two percent in each of the following years.
Estimated additional financial impact is $24,168 in the first year of the contract, $41,291 in the second year and $45,754 in the third year. The estimates are based on current staffing levels.
The teachers group represents 21.2 full-time professional staff members, including classroom and special education teachers, guidance, nurse, library and Title 1 teachers.
Health insurance changes, expected to provide $12,000 in savings for the School District in the first year, will see the district pay 87 percent of the cost of the Local Government Center Comp 1000 premiums and they will be responsible for all deductibles and co-insurance. The district had paid a portion of those under its self-insurance program, which will no longer be in effect.
Also offered as insurance option will be a Blue Choice "point of service" plan, for which the district will pay 94 percent, and a Matthew Thornton HMO plan, for which the district will pay 95 percent of the premium.
The same contract proposal failed by eight votes at the March school district meeting according to Mardean Badger, school board chairman, who said ''we thought the teachers deserved a second chance. Many of them have been with the district for 20 or more years and they've been working real hard to make changes in curriculum and adapt to new standards.''

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