Sanbornton woman hurt in weekend snowmobile accident

SANBORNTON — An unidentified Perkins Road woman was taken to Lakes Region General Hospital by ambulance Saturday at 6 p.m. after she rolled-over a snowmobile she was driving and broke her leg.

Fire Chief Paul Dexter said the said the woman was riding on private property and carrying a child with her when the snowmobile slipped sideways. Dexter said she tried to put her foot down to stop the slide but the machine rolled on to her.

Dexter said the woman was transported to Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia by Tilton-Northfield Fire Department. The child was unharmed.

He said the timing of the accident came at a time when the Sanbornton Fire Department has few call firefighters at hand. He said four of them responded after a third tone by Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid but the response time by Sanbornton was poor and Tilton-Northfield had already been asked to respond.

"It was a rough call," he said, noting that a paramedic was needed for pain control and the woman needed to be carried in a litter about 400 feet through some very deep snow.

The Sanbornton Fire Department has three paramedics, however all of them were working at their primary jobs or were unavailable at 6 p.m. that Saturday.

Dexter said there are two times during the day when staffing levels are poor — from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. and from 4 p.m., when the day staff leaves until 7 p.m. when the night crew signs it. He typically takes the calls from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m.

He had asked for two full-time firefighters to help cover the gaps in coverage during the most recent budget year but the voters narrowly rejected the warrant article.

When asked about mutual aid, he said that in order for mutual aid to work, a town must be willing to support its own firefighting and emergency needs.

"When we're tied up on a call and we get a second call, that's when we depend on mutual aid," Dexter said.

He said surrounding communities shouldn't be first the responders to any Sanbornton incidents unless the town's fire and rescue crews are already at another incident.

Bishop Libasci in Laconia to celebrate naming of Rev. Drouin as N.H. regional Dean of the Deacons

LACONIA — Rev. Marc Drouin was installed by Bishop Peter A. Libasci as Dean of the Deacons in a mass and ceremony held Monday night at the St. Andre Bessette Catholic Church on Union Avenue.

A Dean of the Deacons is an administrative title given to a priest who is the administrative head of one of the nine regions in the New Hampshire Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church of New Hampshire.

Drouin's new administrative duty, said diocese media relations director Tom Bebbington, is being the bishop's delegate to Lakes Region catholics as he is responsible for coordinating communications from the bishop to the six parishes and seven priests in the area.

"(Drouin) is there to coordinate the pastoral activities and assist the bishop in advancing his plans for the area," said Bebbington.

Drouin's term will last three years. He is a Laconia native and graduate of Laconia High School.

Bebbington said Bishop Libasci was the principal celebrant at the installation at Monday's mass and was assisted by Drouin. Following mass, he said there was a ceremonial signing of the document naming him the dean.

There are six parishes in the Lakes Region Deanery that will follow Drouin's — St. Katherine Drexel in Alton, St. Joseph in Belmont, St. Gabriel in Franklin, St. Andre Bessette in Laconia, St. Charles Borromeo in Meredith and Holy Trinity in Plymouth. There is also a mission church in Bristol called Our Lady of Grace Chapel.

There a seven priests and four deacons in the deanery.

CUTLINE: Rev. Marc Drouin (left) with Bishop Peter A. Libaschi in the sacristy at St. Andre Bessette Parish prior to Drouin's installation ceremony as Dean of the Deanery for the Lakes Region. (Photo courtesy of St. Andre Bessette)

Snowmobile trailer taken from Dockham Shores Road yard

GILFORD — Police are investigating the theft of a snowmobile trailer from a home on Dockham Shore Road that was reported to them Saturday morning.

Police believe the theft took place sometime Friday night or early Saturday morning and ask if anyone has any information to call police at 527-4737.

In other Gilford Police news, an employee of the Gilford Mobil Mart reported finding two discarded and used hypodermic needles in a trash can.

Police also closed Cherry Valley Road early Sunday afternoon for about an hour while police attended to a minor car accident.

Chief Anthony Bean Burpee said the road became very slippery in the early afternoon and cars were having trouble navigating the hills.

Laconia man found guilty of reckless conduct for pistol whipping

LACONIA — After a three-day trial a Belknap County Superior Court jury found a city man guilty of felony reckless conduct for placing another person in danger during a pistol whipping at an Estates Circle address in January of 2014.

Parker Cathcart, 20, formerly of Winter Street went to an apartment building because his sister had called him to say the eventual male victim had just hit her.

Cathcart waited for his victim in the outside hallway and when he came down the stairs, he hit him with a pistol. The pistol discharged and the bullet went through the foyer door.

In July of 2014 Cathcart pleaded guilty in Belknap County Superior Court to one misdemeanor charge of simple assault for his actions. Belknap County Attorney Melissa Guldbransen said that as part of his plea agreement, the state would not prosecute him for the felony with the condition that he obey the rules of his probation to which he agreed.

However, in October of 2014, Manchester Police said Cathcart became involved in a fight at a party, left and returned with a pistol to threaten the party goers.

Manchester Police allege he also hit or pistol-whipped two people.

After learning about the Manchester arrest, the Belknap County Attorneys Office got a grand jury to indict him a second time for his previous reckless conduct with a gun in Laconia.

Since the guilty verdict last Thursday, Cathcart is being held in the Belknap County House of Corrections. A pre-sentencing investigation is ongoing and he will be sentenced at a later date. The maximum allowable sentence is 3 1/2 years to 7 in the N.H. State Prison.

As to the Manchester charges, Cathcart is scheduled for trial in August in the Hillsborough County Superior Court.