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Driver switch doesn’t save man from DWI arrest

BELMONT – Police arrested a Laconia man Sunday afternoon on a side road off Route 106 after he failed to stop for a police officer who was trying to pull him out of traffic.

Police said Marvin Bowman, 43, no address given, was at the intersection of Route 140 and Route 106 and disregarded an officer's order to pull over, and instead sped away from the area.

He is charged with driving after being deemed an habitual offender, disobeying an officer, reckless conduct, and aggravated driving while intoxicated.

Because of the heavy traffic coming from New Hampshire Motor Speedway, police did not chase him.

Police searched the immediate area and found Bowman on Brown Hill Road.

They said Bowman allegedly drove down Badger Glen Road and into someone's driveway. The homeowners said they saw Bowman get out of the minivan and switch seats with another person.

Officer Joel Pickowicz found Bowman's vehicle on Brown Hill Road and stopped it.


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Belmont officials ask Hosmer for help with huge pot hole on Route 140

BELMONT – State Sen. Andrew Hosmer told Selectmen Chair Ruth Mooney that he would include the intersection at Route 140 and Main Street in his planned tour of his senate district with State Transportation Commission Chris Clement this summer.

Hosmer's pledge came during a morning view of the busy state intersection where a pot hole opens during rainfall and keeps growing larger. The pot hole measures about 6 to 8 feet across and impedes traffic passing through the intersection.

During the 15 minutes Hosmer spent viewing the intersection, he watched a number of tractor trailers and campers as well as regular traffic go through the intersection. During most of the conversation, participants had to speak above normal levels to be heard over the traffic.

At the meeting, police Lt. Richard Mann told Hosmer there have been nine accidents at the intersection in the past four years and four at intersections on Main Street that could be attributed to traffic congestion in the area.

He noted that during the school year, at least three school buses use the intersection going both to and from school.

Mooney noted that with global positioning sensors showing Route 140 as the primary way to get from Interstate 93 to Belmont, the traffic is heavier than ever and not likely to abate.

"It's one truck after another after another," she said.

She added that Belmont has gone to great financial lengths to improve the village area and the Main Street and Route 140 intersection remains one of the biggest hazards in the village.

Hosmer said he would encourage Clement speed up a study of the the intersection on his priority list.

Mooney also noted that the state has agreed to improve the intersection of Shaker Road and Jamestown Road so that will increase the traffic flow at the troubled intersection.

"It's almost like they're doing what they can to avoid it, Mooney said.

Hosmer said there are a lot of roads in the state that are being ignored which is why he supported an increase in the gas tax provided that the money stays in the the road improvement fund. He said he wants to see more money coming into communities like Belmont, and not just spent on improving the I-93 corridor.

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Boat propeller injures young wake boarder on big lake

MEREDITH — A teenage boy from Bow was injured when he ran afoul of a boat propeller on Lake Winnipesaukee around noon yesterday.

According to New Hampshire Marine Patrol, the 15-year old was wake boarding in waters off Spindle Point when the accident occurred. The boy "suffered lower body injuries". Together with Marine Patrol, a crew from the Laconia Fire Department responded to the scene of the accident and transported the boy to Lakes Region General Hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The accident remains under investigation by Marine Patrol.

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BHS teacher gets OK to organize student trip to D.C.

BELMONT — The Shaker Regional School Board this week gave Social Studies teacher Mike Foley permission to organize a student trip to Washington D.C. as part of the Close Up Washington D.C. experience.

Foley said he would look at enrolling 10 students, preferably juniors but maybe a few sophomores, into the week-long program that would give the students an opportunity to experience the nation's capital in an organized manner that includes a visit to national memorials, a mock Congress workshop, and a meeting with New Hampshire's lawmakers. The trip also includes a visit to the U.S. Capitol, the Smithsonian, and Arlington National Cemetery.

The trip is organized by Close Up which is a non-profit organization that meshes the teaching portion of the trip with the common core and each state's social studies needs.

Foley told the board he would like for the Shaker trip to be in the spring of 2015. He said it would cost about $1,700 per student and that interested students will hold fundraisers and other event to raise money.

"This is a program I've wanted to do for a long time," Foley said.

He said he would not include seniors in this trip because they have their own class trips to plan,

Foley told the board he would start with 10 students and if the program proved to be very popular, he could look to expand it in the future.

In other Shaker Regional news, the board adopted a update version of the public participation rules for school board meetings.

The new policy is very similar to the former policy but includes language that empowers the chair to terminate a person's speech if it becomes obscene, libelous, defamatory, or violent.

All Shaker School Board meeting are open the public with the exception of those provisions under the Right to Know Law, like personnel, legal and union contract discussions, that allow a board to meet in private.

Policy Committee Chair Jill Lavallee said the Shaker policy is much less restrictive than that recommended by the N.H. School Board Association.

"We want people to be able to come to meetings and offer their input," she said.

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