Meredith man extinguishes small porch fire

MEREDITH — A Stone Dam Circle man's home escaped serious damage Saturday around 2 a.m. when a bird's nest built on a light on his porch apparently ignited.

Fire Chief Ken Jones said Monday that the fire burned two walls on the porch and melted a window on the house side of the wall before the homeowner woke up and extinguished it with a hose.

"He got very lucky," Jones said, noting that the man was sleeping in a chair in the living room.

He said firefighters initially called for a first alarm when the call first sounded because there is no municipal water at the end of Meredith Center Road. He said firefighters from Meredith spent a few hours at the home making sure the fire hadn't extended into the home. He said they released the extra help that came from Laconia and surrounding towns for the alarm.

Jones said he estimated there is about $3,000 to $4,000 in damage to the porch and siding but said the house is inhabitable.

Fugitive sex offender arrested in Laconia

LACONIA — Fugitive sex offender Arthur "AJ" Liesner, 31, was arrested Thursday without incident at the home of a relative on Gilford Avenue in Laconia by deputies from the Belknap County Sheriff's Department.
Liesner was wanted on a warrant issued by Belknap County Superior Court for his failure to appear the previous day, Wendesday, April 27, for a hearing. Liesner was indicted by a grand jury in December of 2015 for duty to report (a new phone number), duty to inform (change of address) and four counts of registration of online identifiers, all requirements of his status as a Tier III Sexual Offender residing in New Hampshire.
Acting on information obtained through the investigation of the Belknap County Sheriff's Department along with the assistance of the Boscawen Police Department, it was determined that Liesner could be found at the Gilford Avenue address where Belknap County Sheriff's Deputies apprehended him.
Liesner was transported to the Belknap County Jail where he will be held without bail pending a hearing at Belknap County Superior Court.

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Pathway to health

04-29 paving Pleasant Street School path

While the pupils were enjoying their spring vacation this week, a paving crew from GMI Asphalt was busy this week ringing the playing field at Pleasant Street School with an asphalt walking path in time for their return. With the inspiration of the first-grade pupils and the generosity of GMI Asphalt, the path will enable the students to sustain their commitment to regular exercise and sound nutrition that earned the school the title of healthiest in the state. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/ Michael Kitch).