New downtown apartment building is called Perley Canal Mill

LACONIA — Chinburg Builders, Inc. is nearing completion of the conversion of the 18,000 square foot building at Beacon Street West into 30 rental units — called Perley Canal Mill — and a model apartment is being shown to prospective tenants.
The 30 units, most on two floors, consist of four flats, five studios, and six one-bedroom and 15 two-bedroom apartments. The four flats and five studios are single story units, with four of the studios on the ground floor and the fifth along the four flats on the upper story. Four the studios are 632-square-feet while the fifth, with an entrance and foyer on the ground floor measures 778-square-feet. The four flats, with an entrance leading to staircase on the ground floor, mirror the dimensions of the studios immediately below them.
The half-dozen one bedroom units range between 703-square-feet and 2,128-square-feet. In three of the units the kitchen and living area is on the ground floor and the bedroom upstairs while the other three have an entrance and foyer on the ground floor and all the remaining space above. The two bedroom apartments are between 1,032-square-feet and 1,375-square-feet,. In 14 of the units the kitchen and living area is on the ground floor while in the remaining unit there is a bedroom on the ground floor and the rest of the apartment on the upper story.
All units have patios and some balconies. Like the condominiums the apartments feature 18-foot ceilings, oversized windows and exposed brick and beams. Residents have access to a club room, fitness center and laundry. The building overlooks the Winnipesaukee River and stands alongside the outlet of the Perley Canal while the property is bordered by the Downtown Riverwalk.
The studios and flats rent from $875 to $1,075, the one bedroom units from $995 to $1585 and the two-bedroom units from $1,445-$1,895.

Chinburg Builders began redevelopment of Beacon Street West — the old Allen-Rogers Mill — a decade ago with the conversion of two buildings along Water Street into condominiums and townhomes. The Perley Canal Mill building is situated toward the center of the property.

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Belmont supports Parent Sand & Gravel access on Wareing Rd.

BELMONT — Selectmen said Monday night that the paving of a portion of Wareing Road will be delayed until spring because of additional drainage needs.

Wareing Road connects Rte. 106 with Shaker Road and has always been a dirt road. There are two homes on the portion to be paved and with this years lack of rain, the road is wash boarded and dusty. It is posted for no thru traffic.

According to Town Planner Candace Daigle, Nutter Sand and Gravel operates gravel pits on either side of Wareing Roard but is planning to sell the smaller gravel pit on the north to Parent Sand and Gravel, which currently operates on Shaker Road.

She said that Parent's owner, Adam Towne, wants to link the back of his current pit on Shaker Road to the back of what will be his new pit on Wareing Road and build his scales near the Wareing Road exit and be able to access Rte. 106 from there.

Daigle said the town supports putting Parent Sand and Gravel's access on Waring Road so its trucks can directly access Rte. 106 because the town is attempting to reduce the amount of heavy trucks that travel through the newly reconstructed village area which is bisected by Rte. 140. If Towne's has an entrance to Rte. 106 from Wareing Road, he won't need to use Rte. 140 to access Rte. 106.

As for Nutter, Daigle said their access and scales to Rte. 106 is on South Road and she doesn't see any reason it would use Wareing Road because it's scales are on the opposite side of its pits.

She said after the paving, Wareing Road will continue to be posted as "no through traffic" because Parent Sand and Gravel are operating on Wareing Road, not using it as a through road.

Right now, she said the road is unable to handle the weight load of sand and gravel trucks but once it is upgraded, Parent will be able to use it.

Daigle said the N.H. Department of Transportation will have to okay Parent's proposal and she had given his site and operation plans that will go before the Belmont Planning Board in October to the agency.

"This is a cooperative review as far as the town is concerned," Daigle said.
Daigle also said that Parent's site plan public hearing was scheduled for next week's Planning Board but it has been postponed until the October 26 meeting.


CUTLINE: About half-way down in this picture of Wareing Road is an intersection used by Nutter Sand and Gravel to access two pits. Once Parent Sand and Gravel takes over the pit on the left, it will use that exit to access Wareing Road and then Rte. 106. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Gail Ober)

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Lack of approved site plan is issue with Beans & Greens, says town administrator

GILFORD — Administrator Scott Dunn offered some clarifications yesterday on the town's position regarding the cease and desist order against Andy and Martina Howe of Beans and Greens Farm.

Dunn said that yesterday the town is willing and supportive of the Howes continuing their "farm to table" dinners. He said the key distinction that led to the cease and desist order was that it prevents weddings, birthday parties and like events "in the absence of Planning Board (site plan) approval."

He also said that he is personally supportive of agri-tourism events like weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. Dunn said he thinks they are allowed under Gilford zoning ordinances and are consistent with state statutes that encourage municipalities to support local farms.

The Howe's attorney, Patrick Wood, noted after Tuesday's delayed Zoning Board of Adjustments hearing for the Howes that he was preparing a site plan for their Gunstock Hill property.

The rescheduled hearing will be held at the Gilford Town Offices at 7 p.m. on September 29.

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