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Laconia man charged with kicking holes in emergency room wall

LACONIA — A city man is being held on $1,000 cash bail for allegedly kicking two holes in a wall in a section of a hospital  emergency room after being taken there for evaluation by police Saturday night.

Affidavits said Noah Rafuls, 20, of 21 Academy St. had gone to Lakes Region General Hospital on his own but had walked away from the emergency room while he was being seen for "suicidal and homicidal" statements.

Hospital staff notified police, and an officer located Rafuls walking down Gilford Avenue. When the officer stopped and asked Rafuls to talk with him he reported that Rafuls continued to walk away and was swearing at the top of his lungs.

Rafuls allegedly kicked a street sign and was making so much noise that neighbors were coming out of their homes to see what was happening.

A police supervisor joined the officer and Rafuls continued to walk away from them. The two officers each grabbed one of the man's arms and tried to calm him down.

Affidavits said Rafuls struggled aggressively, so he was taken to the ground and handcuffed. Police returned him to the emergency room where he continued to swear and scream at hospital and Genesis staff.

At some point, hospital staff was able to calm him to the point where they asked the police to remove his handcuffs. Police did so. However, as soon as the cuffs were removed, Rafuls allegedly began to scream profanities.

He allegedly kicked the stretcher against the wall and kicked two holes in the wall of the emergency room.

Police said hospital staff said they were unable to control him because of a shortage of staff. Two officers returned to the observation room and ordered Rafuls to lay on his stomach or he would be Tased.

Rafuls complied and was taken to the Belknap County House of Corrections where he refused the services of a bail commissioner.

Judge Jim Carroll ordered him held on $1,000 cash for the disorderly conduct and the criminal mischief complaints, but ruled that if Rafuls could be admitted to an in-patient mental health care facility, the bail would be reduced to personal recognizance.

Carroll also ordered that the court can monitor his progress once in treatment and that once he is released his bail will revert back to $1,000 cash.

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Long winter feeds dreams of warm climes – 'Passport to the World' travel show draws record crowd

LACONIA — The third annual Passport To The World travel trade show attracted its largest crowd ever at the Margate Resort Saturday.

Many of those attending the show, sponsored by Penny Pitou Travel, said that it felt good after being cooped up inside by a long, harsh winter to be able to get out in some warmer weather and look at travel brochures showing them warm climates and visualize themselves on cruise ships and in exotic destinations.

''We go on cruises a lot, and we've been dreaming a lot this winter about places we'd like to go. This is a great travel show to come to because they have so many presentations about places that you don't know about,'' said Tammy Calley, who was there with her husband, Steven.

Mark Taroberelli, one of the presenters from Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, agreed wholeheartedly. It's his second time at the show, and he couldn't have been happier with the reception he was receiving. ''It's a wonderful show, well attended by people who are really interested in travel and very sophisticated about what they're looking for. It's the only one like it in the Northeast,'' said Taraborelli.

Kim Terrio, office manager of Penny Pitou Travel, said that she could sense a pent-up demand for travel among those who turned out Saturday.

She said the show enjoys a good reputation among those in the travel industry. ''They like to come to Laconia. They like the people here and think they're friendly and eager to learn and they get lots of business while they're here.''

Karmen Gifford, executive director of the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, who attended the show with her her husband, said she was impressed with the large turnout and the enthusiasm being shown by both the public and those presenting information on behalf of the resorts, tour groups and attractions.

''This is one of the best attended travel shows I've ever been at,'' said Roberta Diaz of Delta Vacations, who covers an area from New York City to Maine and said that she was so busy that she ran out of brochures before noon.
Penny Pitou said that the travel representatives love the show. ''We greet them with a cocktail party Friday night and keep them fed all weekend. They love it here and always eager to come back.''

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Fire from forgotten veal roast damages apartment in Belmont building

BELMONT — Firefighters were able to contain a kitchen fire to one apartment of a six-unit block at Village Apt. Road Building 6 Saturday at 12:27 p.m. However, the resident of the apartment is temporarily without a home.

Fire Chief Dave Parenti said the fire, which started in the first-floor kitchen stove, was accidental. He said the resident had been cooking a veal rib roast in the oven when he got a telephone call and had to leave the apartment for a while.

While he remembered to shut off all the top burners, he forgot to turn off the oven. Parenti said the heat from the oven gradually overheated some cooking that was on the stove and it ignited.

Parenti said someone noticed the smoke coming from the apartment and notified the building manager who called 9-1-1.

He said firefighters called for a first alarm when the lieutenant in charge saw heavy smoke as he was responding to fire.

Parenti said responders made a quick and aggressive interior attack into the kitchen and were able to contain the fire fairly quickly. He said the rest of the apartment suffered smoke damage and is not inhabitable.

"Fortunately the sheet rock did its job, and the fire didn't spread to the other apartments," he said.

Parenti said the apartment was equipped with smoke alarms which were working. However, the complex was built before the requirements to connect smoke alarms in all of the apartments.

The Red Cross is assisting the victim and his son. Parenti said the other residents of the building were ultimately able to return to their residences.

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Meredith man charged with receiving stolen property in both Laconia & Tilton

LACONIA — A Meredith man who allegedly stole an X-Box 360 from a Summer Street home was ordered held on a total of $3,000 cash after appearing in the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division yesterday.

John Ladson, 33, of Water St is charged by Laconia Police for one count of receiving stolen property.

John Ladson, 33, of Water St. also faces a charge from Tilton Police for receiving stolen property for allegedly selling a sub-woofer he stole from the same home to Fast Cash in Tilton. The property was recovered by Tilton Police.

According to affidavits, Ladson returned the X-box 360 to the person from whom he took it but when Laconia Police interviewed him he initially told them he had nothing to do with the theft and said he would come in a speak to the officer. He never did.

Ladson also faces additional charges in Laconia for driving in February of 2014 after his license was suspended for allegedly driving while intoxicated in January of 2014. Because part of his bail conditions includes being free from legal problems, Ladson is also charged with one count of breach of bail.

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