3 nabbed in LRCC shed

Men admitted to police they were trying to steal metal


LACONIA — Three local men managed to lock themselves into a storage shed while attempting to steal metals in an alleged burglary at Lakes Region Community College early Monday morning.

Jason Labonville, 21, of 47 Merrimac St., Bradley Cyr, 25, transient, and Shaine Beaulieu, 23, of 21 Gilbert St. were all found hiding inside a storage shed after an alarm alerted police and maintenance staff to a possible break-in.

The three were ordered held on a small amount of cash bail or corporate surety, although by 5 p.m. Beaulieu was the only one who remained in the Belknap County Jail.

Whether by accident or design, all three were wearing camouflage in their mug shots. Police said two of them had headlamps and gloves.

Police said they found a 2016 Volkswagen parked next to the shed. They said it was still warm, one of the doors was open and the keys were in the car.

Police said a maintenance man unlocked the shed and one of the officers saw one man, but when he ordered him to put his hands up, two different hands rose from the opposite side of the shed.

All three surrendered to police and taken to the police station where, according to affidavits, they turned on each other without hesitation.

Police said Cyr told them that Beaulieu picked him and Labonville up around 7:30 p.m. but that he fell asleep and never woke until the car they were in was parked next to the shed. Cyr told police it was Beaulieu's idea to break into the shed and said it was because he needed money to buy his stepchildren some food and himself some cigarettes.

Cyr said Beaulieu used a knife to break into the shed, stood there with a flashlight and told him and Labonville what to take. He also told police that Beaulieu was high on methamphetamine and that he and Labonville were afraid he would become violent if they didn't do what he said, according to the affidavit.

Labonville admitted to police to being the one who pried open the shed. Later Cyr said he told police Beaulieu did the prying and said it was because Beaulieu didn't want Labonville to get in trouble.

Beaulieu initially told police the burglary was Cyr's and Labonville's idea but changed his tune and said it was his and that he had committed about 100 thefts of scrap metal since August of 2016 in communities that ranged from Concord to Plymouth, Meredith to Laconia.

Beaulieu also said he had used methamphetamine within the past 24 hours and that there was two plastic bags of it in the center console of the car. He also said he had piles of scrap metal in his home back yard.

Police said they were in the process of getting search warrants for both the car and Beaulieu's home.

LRCC president Scott Kalicki said Monday that because of some obscene graffiti spray-painted on one of the storage sheds, he hoped none of the three are enrolled at the college. He said that there were small piles of metals within the storage shed that the three had allegedly made.

Kalicki said that while the college was doing some recent construction, there were some thefts of metal from the construction site. He also noted the price of metal is quite low now, compared to where it used to be.

01-30 Jason Labonville Jason Labonville

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Laconiafest organizer under court order to pay worker's wage claim

By BEA LEWIS, for The Laconia Daily Sun

LACONIA — Seven months after efforts to stage a multi-artist rock concert as part of Motorcycle Week went belly up, a judge has ordered the organizer to pay a city woman for working during the event.

On Jan. 9, Chief Justice Tina Nadeau, sitting in Belknap County Superior Court, approved an order that Janelle Martinez be paid $705 in wages, $100 in court costs and 36 cents in interest. The judgment was award against Mike Trainor, Vesslar Global Partners Inc., P.O. Box 7045, Gilford.

On Sept. 19, the New Hampshire Department of Labor found that Trainor, who organized and promoted Laconiafest, was liable for Martinez' wage claim. In October, the Department of Labor notified Martinez that if Trainor failed to
comply with their order to send payment to the state within 20 days, they would forward information about how she could file an appeal with the Superior Court to enforce their decision.

Martinez filed a request with the court to enforce the Department of Labor's decision on Dec. 23, after Trainor failed to challenge the decision. Trainor must return the writ to the court no later than July 8, 2017, with a record of his payment.

If he fails to comply, he could be held in contempt of court and jailed until he settles the debt.

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Romantic falling out ends in dog fight

By BEA LEWIS, for The Laconia Daily Sun

LACONIA — It is said that possession is nine-tenths of the law, meaning that ownership is easier to maintain if one has possession of something, or difficult to enforce if one does not.

A Barnstead woman is being forced to put that axiom to the test, when she is scheduled to appear in court to answer her ex-boyfriend's claims that she won't give his dog back to him.

Trevor Smith of Alton filed a petition in Belknap County Superior Court on Jan. 26, asking a judge to grant him possession of a German shepherd that is now in the care of his ex-girlfriend, Calyn Drew.

In asking the court to order Drew to return the dog, Smith wrote that "all ownership, registration papers and vet bills are in my name."

He further claims that Drew is keeping the dog from him, despite his requests to return it, and that both Drew and her mother, have told him they planned to take legal action to keep the dog.

Judge Tina Nadeau denied Smith's emergency request to be granted ownership of the dog without allowing Drew to tell her side of the dispute, but scheduled a hearing for Feb. 3 at 1:30 p.m.

In court filings, Smith claims he purchased the dog as a puppy in December 2015 when he was in a relationship with Drew. Since they separated, Smith said, he was still allowing her to care for the dog at her home, when he had to work late hours or several days in a row.

"In no way was the dog portrayed as a gift and has remained primarily in my care," he wrote. Drew most recently began caring for the dog in early January, according to Smith, who said, he had phoned and texted asking for the dog's return, but has been rebuffed.

"She now states the dog is hers and I cannot come and get him," Smith wrote.

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