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Gilmanton Selectboard candidate says too much town business done in private

GILMANTON — Selectboard candidate Michael Jean said yesterday that he had been thinking about running for a seat for quite a while and felt this was the year to do it.

"This town need some changes (to) the Board of Selectmen specifically," he said. "They go into 'executive session' a lot and I don't know why."

Jean was a selectman in Epping for three years in the 1990s and has lived in Gilmanton for 10 years.

Jean is running against Scott Dunn — the Gilford town administrator who recently moved to Gilmanton and said he put his name on the ballot because at 1 p.m. on the last day of the sign-up period, no one else had entered the race. Incumbent Selectman Brett Currier is no seeking re-election.

Dunn said now that there is a candidate more familiar with Gilmanton, he won't be campaigning for the seat. His name will remain on the ballot and he said he hopes to become an active member of his new community.

Jean said that while he doesn't know Dunn and has nothing against him, his concern with Dunn becoming a selectmen is that he fears there could be meeting conflicts with Gilmanton and Gilford that could impede Dunn's full participation in town affairs.

He noted that when Town Administrator Arthur Capello was hired, the Gilmanton selectmen had to change their meetings from Mondays to Tuesdays because Capello is also a Farmington selectmen and there was a time conflict.

Jean said that the thinks the existing Selectboard has too much involvement in the day-to-day operations of the individual town departments and department heads should have more autonomy — as long as the job is getting done and the department stays within its budget.

He supports eliminating an elected road agent and said during his first year as an Epping selectman, he hired that town's first non-elected one.

Jean said he supports the SB-2, Official Budget Act, system of running annual town meeting.

"We've only had it for two years," he said. "I think that when people understand it better, they will like it more. It's give them time to study the issues."

Jean said he'd like to be a proactive selectmen who will take the time to talk to people in town and get their opinions on things they would like to see.

Professionally, Jean works for the state of N.H. Adjutant Generals Department (N.H. National Guard) as an inspector. He was a part-time police officer and a call firefighter in Epping and is an on-call firefighter in Gilmanton.

The election is March 10.

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Belmont convenience store sells million dollar Powerball ticket

BELMONT — On the day before he sold his D & D Country Market on the corner of Rte. 106 and Rte. 140, owner Mark Dickson learned his team sold a $1 million winning ticket in Wednesday's Powerball drawing.

Dickson who was apparently at a sale closing yesterday and unavailable for comment, will collect $10,000 for his role in selling the lucky ticket.

Employees at the market yesterday were excited to learn about selling the ticket.

One employee said he thinks it was sold to a gentleman who owns the Dunkin' Donut franchise in the same building however, a state lottery spokesman said the winner has not claimed his or her prize yet.

"I guess he was at a meeting next door," said one D & D employee, who noted the man rarely comes to the area.

N.H. Lottery spokesman Maura McCann said yesterday there were six big Powerball winners in New Hampshire Tuesday night. She said a $30,000 winning ticket was sold at the Pittsburg Trading Post and five $10,000 winning tickets were sold — two in Nashua, one of Goffstown, and one in Somersworth.

Employees who were at the store yesterday said they were not the ones who sold the winning ticket but that it was one of their coworkers.


CUTLINE - ($1-million lottery) D & D Market Employee Dylan Malcolm shows off the signs celebrating the sale of a $1-million lottery ticket in Tuesday's Powerball drawing. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Gail Ober)

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Alton Winter Carnival canceled because of looming storm

ALTON — The annual Winter Carnival on Alton Bay has been canceled this year because of the impending snow storm this weekend.

Carnival Committee Chair Roger Sample said yesterday that the decision was made by Tuesday night because Wednesday was the last day to ordered food and beverages.

Sample said because all of the recent snow ,plus the weight of the trucks on the ice from last weekends fishing derby, the ice in the bay isn't very good.

"The weight pushes up water through the cracks and the ice is very slushy," he said.

Sample said there are some "die-hards" who are very upset but said most people understand.

He said because there are other events in the area, the Winter Carnival will not be rescheduled.


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New Hampton man allegedly threatens family members with a knife

NEW HAMPTON — A Kelly Pond Road man is being held on $10,000 cash-only bail after allegedly threatening his brother-in-law with a knife last Sunday during a family fight.

Police affidavits obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division yesterday said Scott Batchelder, 31, drove a knife through a door behind which the victim was hiding. Witnesses said the knife came within inches of the alleged victim's head.

Batchelder faces one count of criminal threatening, one count of endangering the welfare of the child, one felony count of being a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon after being convicted of felonious sexual assault in 2003, and one count of felony count of criminal threatening.

Police affidavits filed with the court said the incident began at 7:15 p.m., when 9-1-1 dispatch reported a call from the address saying someone was going to "kill us".  Moments later the caller said to forget about it and don't come.

When an New Hampton officer arrived, he saw "large amounts of blood inside and outside the residence and bloody knives in the kitchen sink and on the kitchen floor but no one in the family was cooperating or answering any questions.

On Tuesday, a New Hampton detective returned to the home and spoke to four of the people who were there that night.

One of them said Batchelder allegedly punched a male family member in the mouth and became angry when the victim fought back. The person who spoke to police said Batchelder had been drinking and using heroin that night. Police said there were four children in the room during the altercation.

Batchelder left the house where he allegedly slashed the tires of a different family member's car and returned inside. The rest of the members of the family had allegedly taken refuge in a bedroom and that's when Batchelder is said to have thrust the knife through the bedroom door.

Affidavits also said that other members of his family told police that he has drug and "rage" issues.

Judge Jim Carroll ruled that should Batchelder post bail he is not to return to the family home.

According to the N.H. Sex Offender Website, Batchelder was convicted in August of 2014 for a violation of the state's reporting requirement and simple assault; had two driving while intoxicated convictions in 2012, and was convicted being a felon in possession of a deadly weapon in 2006.

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