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Inter-Lakes School Board renews commitment to traffic control officer

MEREDITH — The School Board reaffirmed its commitment to having a police officer directing traffic at the Inter-Lakes School District campus in the morning and in the afternoon.

The consensus came after a citizen wrote a letter to the board saying that a police officer directing traffic slows the flow of into and out of the school grounds as well as on Route 3 near the school.

The writer said that often times westbound traffic gets backed up beyond Barnard Ridge Road.

Board members said the duty police officer is there primarily for safety.

"The key word is safety," said Chair Richard Hanson who noted that it's not how fast someone can drive at or near the school but whether or not the students and buses can safely enter and exit the campus.

Sgt. Michael Harper said making a left hand turn from the campus onto Route 3 can be especially tricky and can be made even more so by younger and inexperienced drivers who come and go from the high school.

In his opinion, he said having a police officer at the intersection during the busiest times of day has improved safety even though it has slowed traffic through the area.

"For what we gain in safety we'll gladly cede what we had in time," he said.

He said the school district pays for the special detail that takes about 45 minutes in the morning and about the same in the afternoon.

School Board Chair Richard Hanson said as a board they are likely to favor continuing with the traffic officer.

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Gilford Police Department renovation/expansion passes

GILFORD — Voters approved the planned renovation and expansion of the Gilford Police Department by a vote of 570 to 296.

The measure needed 60 percent of those who voted and earned 65 percent.

The race for Selectman was uncontested and Richard "Rags" Grenier will be sworn in tonight at the close of tonight's selectman's meeting.

The three incumbents for the Budget Committee — Kevin Roy, Sue Greene and Kevin Leandro — will all return to the committee. Roy earned 578 votes, Greene earned 528 and Leandro earned 389. Scott Davis got 373 votes and David "Skip" Murphy got 361 votes.

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BRATT Trail passes, Cormier re-elected in Belmont

BELMONT — Ron Cormier will return as selectman, besting former Town Administrator Donald McLelland Sr. by 14 votes in voting on Tuesday. Cormier got 169 votes, McLelland Sr. got 151, and George Condodemetraky earned 99 votes.

Planning Board incumbents Peter Harris and Rick Segalini bested George Condodemetraky and Doug Sanborn for the two seats available on that board,

Seventy-one percent of the 400 people who voted supported moving the money set aside for Phase II of the Belmont Recreation Alternative Transportation Team (BRATT) trail to Phase I enabling the town to finish the segment of the trail that will run from Mosquito Bridge to the Laconia Town Line. The vote needed a 60 percent majority to pass.

Voters also overwhelmingly supported raising and appropriating $142,050 for the BRATT trail.

The voters rejected a zoning article that would have created a Historic Demolition Review Committee by a vote of 124 for and 289 against. The measure was not recommended by the Planning Board.

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Newfound voters reject pay raise proposal for teachers

BRISTOL — The towns making up the Newfound Area School District rejected a three-year teacher contract that would have provided step increases plus 2 percent cost-of-living increases in the first two years and step plus 2.5 percent in the third year, as well as a 2 percent increase in co-curricular stipends, in exchange for significant changes in the district's authorized leave policy.
While the Newfound Area School Board supported the new agreement, the budget committee did not recommend the article, pointing out that combining the steps and the COLAs would increase teacher pay by 15 percent over the three-year contract period for teachers now on Step 1, while those at Step 10 would see a three-year increase of 17.5 percent.
Bridgewater, Hebron, and New Hampton voters supported the agreement while Alexandria, Bristol, Danbury, and Groton voted against it. The final tally was 1,053, or 46.7 percent, for the agreement and 1,201, or 53.3 percent, against it.

Voters supported all other articles on the ballot except for the one calling for a school resource officer. During the deliberative session, voters had reduced the funding for the position from $51,840 to zero.

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