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Hosmer is last local Democrat standing, by 131 votes

LACONIA — "If I'm the only Democrat left standing in Belknap County, I guess I did okay," said state Senator Andrew Hosmer of Laconia, who edged his Republican rival Kathleen Lauer-Rago of Franklin by just 131 votes — 9,542 to 9,411 —on Tuesday to hold his seat in District 7.

Democrats lost all five seats they had held in the Belknap County House delegation of 18 members.

Hosmer carried the city of Laconia by a mere 89 votes — 2,651 to 2,562 — as the six wards split evenly between the two candidates with Hosmer's margin in Ward 3 proving the difference. Hosmer won Ward 3 by 152 votes, Ward 4 by 56 votes and Ward 5 by 36 votes, a combined margin of 244 votes. Lauer-Rago carried Ward 1 by 58 votes, Ward 2 by 23 votes and ward 6 by 74 votes, a combined margin of 155 votes.

In Franklin, the other city in the district, Lauer-Rago beat Hosmer by 78 votes, 1,215 to 1,1137. She held majorities in all three wards.

Hosmer carried five of the nine towns in District 7. Gilford and Belmont, the only towns in Belknap County in the district, went separate ways as Hosmer squeaked past Lauer-Rago by five votes in Gilford — 1,616 to 1,611 — but lost Belmont by 219 votes — 1,218 to 999. In Merrimack County Lauer-Rago won Northfield by 771 to 674, Salisbury by 292 to 248. Hosmer carried Andover by 527 to 375, Boscawen by 605 to 544, Webster by 395 to 382 and Canterbury by 690 to 441.

In seven of the 10 municipalities in the district the difference between the two candidates was less than 100 votes as Hosmer 's margins of 152 votes in Andover and 249 votes in Canterbury decided the outcome.

In light of the closeness of the election, the GOP may well request a recount.

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MIDNIGHT REPORT: More local election results

Here a election results that were not available as of press time for the print edition of Wednesday's Daily Sun — as of midnight.


Republican incumbent Joe Kenney leading Democrat Mike Cryans 41,462 to 38,168 with 94 of 116 precincts reporting.


District 6

Republican Kathy Lauer-Rago of Franklin leading Democratic incumbent Andrew Hosmer 6,399 to 6,201 with just 10 of 17 percents reporting. Rago carried Laconia by 11 votes; Hosmer carried Gilford by 5 votes and Rago carried Franklin by 78 votes, accounting for the 3 largest municipalities in the district.

District 2

Republican incumbent Jeanie Forrester of Meredith easily won re-election over Democrat Carolyn Mello of Ashland. With 19 of 21 precincts reporting, Forrester has 11,893 votes and Mello 6,731.

District 6

Republican incumbent Sam Cataldo of Farmington easily won re-election over Democrat Richard Leonard of New Durham. With all votes counted, Cataldo earned 9,882 to Leonard's 7,640.


Belknap County District 1

Republican Valerie Fraser upset Democratic incumbent Ruth Gulick 738 to 688 to earn the right to represent Center Harbor and New Hampton.

Belknap County District 2

Republicans swept all 4 seats in the district that represents Gilford and Meredith. Russ Dumais was the leading vote getter at 3,438, followed in order by fellow Republicans George Hurt (3,300), incumbent Herb Vadney (3,236) and Glen Aldrich (3,083). Incumbent Lisa DiMartino (2,766) was the leading vote getter on the Democratic side.

Belknap County District 5

Republicans David Russell of Gilmanton (2,339) and Peter Varney of Alton (2,335) claimed the two seats available.

Belknap County District 7

Republican Guy Comtois will again represent Barnstead, as he defeated Democrat Bruce Marriott 933 to 733.

Belknap County District 8

Republican Raymond Howard of Alton (2,954) handily defeated Independent Peter Bolster of Alton (2,025) in this district that includes the hometown of both men, plus Barnstead and Gilmanton.

Grafton County District 7

Republican challenger Eric Johnson defeated Democratic incumbent Jim Aguiar by 6 votes, 640 to 634.

Grafton County District 9

Republican Incumbent Jeff Shackett (1,982) and newcomer Robert Hull (1,574) were the winners, defeating Democrats Judy Wallick (1,536) and Jeremy Olson (1,010).

Grafton County District 17

Republican challenger Stephen Darrow defeated Democratic incumbent Catherine Mulholland, 2,546 to 2,371.

Merrimack County District 2

Republican challengers Werner Horn (852) and Harold French (841) defeated Democratic incumbent Scott Burns (840) and Lucy Natkiel (746). A recount is likely as the margin between French and Burns was a single vote. This district includes Wards 1 and 2 in Franklin and the town of Hill.

Merrimack County District 3

Republicans Greg Hill (1,200) and Deborah Wheeler (1,100) were the winners over Democratic incumbent Leigh Webb (970) and Carolyn Virtue (934). This district includes Ward 3 in Franklin and the town of Northfield.



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Gallagher & Fields win in Sanborton & Tilton

SANBORNTON & TILTON — Republicans captured the two seats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives in Sanbornton and Tilton as incumbent Dennis Fields was re-elected to his 15th term and Brian Gallagher was elected to his first.

The sweep ousted incumbent Democrat Ian Raymond, of Sanbornton, who was seeking re-election to a second term.

Gallagher, a former financial official in the governor's budget office and at the Surpeme Court, topped the poll with 723 votes in Sanbornton, his hometown, and 556 votes in Tilton for a total of 1,279. Fields ran a close second with 1,198 votes, 646 in Sanbornton, where he resides, and 552 in Tilton.

Raymond polled 1,103 votes, 595 in Sanbornton and 508 in Tilton to finish ahead of fellow Democrat Jane Alden of Tilton who received 558 votes in Tilton and 484 votes in Sanbornton for a total 1,042.

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David DeVoy elected county commissioner

LACONIA — Republican Dave DeVoy of Sanbornton carried all six wards in Laconia along with the towns of Sanbornton and New Hampton to top Democrat Dave Pollak of Laconia in the race for Belknap County Commissioner.

DeVoy took Laconia by 2,922 votes to 2,125 votes, Sanbornton by 785 votes 474 votes and New Hampton by 517 votes to 314 votes.

In Laconia, DeVoy won Ward 1 by 649 to 376, Ward 2 by 391 to 302, Ward 3 by 448 to 443, Ward 4 by 407 to 308, Ward 5 by 331 to 236 and Ward 6 by 696 to 460.

DeVoy will succeed Democrat Ed Philpot of Laconia, who did not seek re-election to a third term. He joins Republicans Richard Burchell of Gilmanton, who served one term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives before being elected to the county commission unopposed, and incumbent Republican Steve NBedeau of Meredith on the three-member commission.

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