Donor will pay for disc golf course in Laconia

LACONIA — A woman, whose late brother was very fond of frisbee golf , has offered to outfit a course for the city if the Parks and Recreation Commission can find an appropriate location.

Kevin Dunleavy, director of Parks of Recreation, said the woman told the commission this week that she would donate the necessary equipment as well as lead a fundraising effort to underwrite the facility.

In frisbee golf, also called Frolf or disc golf, individual players toss a disc, usually eight or nine inches, at a series of targets, most often a ring hung with chains mounted above a shallow basket on a pole. A player "holes out" by placing the disc in the basket. The game originated in the early 1960s, began to be formalized a decade later and has grown rapidly since 2000, with the number of courses in the U.S. doubling to more than 3,000 by 2008.

Dunleavy said that the commission will consider if there is a suitable site for a course either in one of the city parks or some other city property and schedule a second discussion of the proposal, most likely in November.