Cat path to get speed bumps - seelctmen to hold public hearing on making it one way

GILFORD – Selectmen have voted to add two sets of portable speed bumps to the flatter portions of Cat Path and work on an ordinance to make the short road one-way only.

Once a one-way ordinance is drafted the selectmen will have a public hearing.

Selectmen also decided Wednesday night to put a directional sign along Route 11B in the Henderson Road right-of-way that directs traffic to Gunstock Mountain Resort to travel to the intersection of Routes 11B and 11A so visitors will not take Cat Path as a shortcut.

Cat Path, which was originally a private road that for years led to two homes, runs between Route 11B and Route 11A or Cherry Valley Road. Since the advent of global positioning systems, traffic is often directed to take Cat Path as the way to get to Gunstock, as opposed to going to the intersection of the two highways about a quarter mile down the road.

GPS also tells people leaving Gunstock to make the right-hand turn to return to Route 11B via Cat Path. To accomplish this, traffic must come to a near stop on what is a sharp downhill left-bending curve on Route 11A.

Last year, selectmen posted the road for local traffic only and long-time resident Sue Leach said tractor-trailer traffic has been reduced some, but not completely eliminated.

Leach said automobile traffic, much of which is not from New Hampshire, has not abated. She said speeding is a constant problem, along with people sliding on ice at a particularly steep portion of the road and skidding into her neighbor's mailbox.

Selectmen Chair John O'Brien's preferred solution has been to add a "no-right-turn" sign before Cat Path on Route 11A but the N.H. Department of Transportation will not allow the sign to be in its right-of-way.