Wanna buy a Caterpillar, cheap?

LACONIA — City police are investigating two separate reports of a scam that involves the fraudulent sale of nonexistent construction equipment.

Police said that twice within the past few days, victims have gotten phone calls from a male offering them a great deal on a piece of construction equipment. Sgt. Bob Cameron said the price is usually around $400 dollars for an excavator or similar type piece of equipment.

He said the caller makes arrangements for the victim to meet him or one of his associates at a location in Laconia where the two exchange cash for what ends up being a false bill of sale with a fictitious Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The agreement is that the seller will have the equipment delivered to the buyer's home later in the day.

He said the victims so far have not lived in Laconia.

Cameron asked that anyone who has any information or who has received one of these phone calls should contact the Laconia Police at 524-5252 and ask for Officer Kevin Shortt at ext. 560 or Officer Anna Croteau at ext. 529.