Horace has his hat

LACONIA – Horace has found his hat.

Or more precisely, a woman from Laconia did while she and her brother were walking along Parade Road a few days after Bike Week with a metal detector.

Horace Joyner of Rocky Mount, N.C., was attending this year's Motorcycle Week when he crashed his red, white and blue Harley-Davidson Trike while on his way from Weirs Beach to his hotel in Tilton.

Joyner was taken to LRGH and then flown to Boston with head injuries.

All of his possessions were recovered at the scene by his friends and city police – except for one very special hat.

Last Friday, Joyner told the Daily Sun the history of his hat. The next day the woman who found it called him.

According to Joyner, a different woman read the article in the Sun and called the woman who she knew had found a hat resembling the one he had described.

He said when the two spoke on the phone, he described a (Dale) Earnhardt #3 patch he had put on top of it and she confirmed for him that it was his hat. The patch was not included in the story.

Joyner said the woman who found the hat took it home and put it in a bag. She told him that a number of people had tried to buy the hat from her but she told them she had a feeling that the had was very special to somebody.

"She actually had me crying," said Joyner, speaking yesterday about the phone call he got from her. "That hat sure has a lot of memories."

Joyner said he told her that he was offering a reward for the hat, but the woman declined to accept it.

"I'm going to send her something anyway," he said. "She's made me so happy there's no words to express it."

CAPTION: Horace Joyner wears his special hat while attending Motorcycle Week. He said the parrot belonged to someone he met in the Weirs who allowed him to take a picture of himself with the bird on his shoulder.