Belmont selectmen field complaint about building permit process.


BELMONT – A resident complained to selectmen last night about the Planning Department and her inability to get a building permit for a temporary storage container.

Donna Cilley, who is a former selectman, said she had hoped to rent a container to help out one of her relatives who is staying with her temporarily, but was told by the rental outlet that Belmont doesn't allow temporary storage containers unless they are in commercial or industrial zones.

She said she would agree to buy one and get a building permit, but was told that it would take 18 to 21 days to get one.

Cilley said there should be different levels of building processes, and said the building inspector should be able to issue building permits more quickly.

Selectman Jon Pike said he would prefer to see homeowners rent temporary storage containers because when the rental agreement on the container expires, the company that owns it comes and gets it.

He said when many people buy what they say is a temporary storage container it often ends up staying on the property forever. He said that after two years, the container should be taxed.

Pike also told Cilley that there was nothing the selectmen could do. He said she needs to take her complaint to the Planning Board.

In other business, Pike said he was not necessarily in favor of the Department of Transportation spending $6 million dollars to improve the intersection at Seavey Road and Route 106.

"Somebody's got to have a number wrong," he said. "They can't spend $6 million dollars on a two-lane road in Belmont."

Pike said his real objection is that since the DOT told the town it qualified for a federal government highway safety program improvement, the state hasn't done any paving on that section of Route 106 and that it's falling apart.

Town Administrator Jeanne Beaudin explained that the improvement project has already been designed and the only role left for selectmen is to say if the town wants it or not.

The vote on the acceptance of the project was delayed until Aug. 18 because Selectman Ron Cormier wanted to weigh in on it and he was unable to attend last night's meeting.