Belmont officials won't abide a gray fire vehicle, even a new one

BELMONT — Selectmen will spend about $3,000 painting and lettering the new fire chief vehicle after they realized he bought a gray one instead of red or white one.

Selectman Jon Pike said the blame was partially his because he reviewed the specifications for the Ford SUV but never looked at the color.

Fire Chief Dave Parenti said he bought the Ford because it was the one on the dealer's lot and he was given a good price for it.

"I told you I was buying a left over," he said to selectmen on Monday.

Pike said the choice of lettering it in black made no sense because the type didn't show up very well.

"To me, it just doesn't exemplify the position of chief," he said.

Selectman said they want all of the police vehicles to be black and white and all of the Fire Department vehicles to be red.

Pike said to just paint the shell and said he would call a few auto body shops in the area to get the best price and see if there were any bids for the work.

Selectmen also passed a town policy that said all police vehicles will be black and white, all fire vehicle will be red, and all public works vehicles will be red.