Scott Brown in city to salute Hope & Cynthia Makris

LACONIA — Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Scott Brown and his wife Gail awarded Cynthia and Hope Makris of the Naswa Resort the "Women for Brown Hero Award" yesterday as a way of recognizing them for the family's 80 years of being in business here.

Brown was in town yesterday as part of a day-long campaign tour through the state that ended with a night on the S/S Mount Washington for the annual Belknap County Republican Cruise.

He said he learned of the Makris family and their years of philanthropic work for military veterans through some of the people he works with who are involved in veterans' affairs.

Brown asked Cynthia Makris what specific challenges she faces as a business owner and she replied that if she had to provide health insurance for all 140 of her employees she would "be put out of business."

Makris, who is open from May through October, said she also has problems getting accurate information about the Affordable Health Care Act from her insurer because it keeps changing.

"It keeps changing for political purposes," replied Brown.

Makris also told Brown she had trouble finding local people who want to work and that many times when she does, they don't have the skills she needs. She said she also sees many cases of people who don't want to take jobs because they don't want to loose any of the state or federal benefits they already have.

Brown said he was very concerned about education and if elected wanted to work toward training and rewarding people who want to work for a living.

He said he wanted to meet the Makris's because he wants to help the small business people who are struggling with ever growing business cost but who continue to create jobs nonetheless.

Cynthia and Hope Makris are the second recipients of the Women for Brown Hero Award. The first was Janice Lahay of Windham, N.H.

CUTLINE (Scott and Gail Brown at Naswa) U.S. Senate Candidate Rep. Scott Brown awards the Women For Brown 'Hero' Award to Hope and Cynthia Makris. From left to right are Hope Makris, Gail Brown, Cynthia Makris and Scott Brown. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Gail Ober)