Ladd Hill Rd. contract awarded

BELMONT — Selectmen voted unanimously to award the construction bid for lower Ladd Hill Road for $463,616 to G.W. Brooks & Son last night after meeting with their engineer.

G. W. Brooks's bid was about 20 percent lower than the closest two bids and during their last meeting had said they needed more time to review the specifics of the bid with their engineer and learn more about the Freedom-based company.

"We're nervous," said Selectman's Chair Ruth Mooney to Keith Pratt, the president and head engineer from Underwood Engineering. "Ladd Hill is Ladd Hill."

By that Mooney meant that not only is Ladd Hill Road itself in desperate need of rebuilding, there are some significant drainage issues that impact Rte. 3 and the state of New Hampshire as well as Belmont residents. It is a very heavily traveled road and is home to two businesses, a number of homes and residential side streets.

Pratt told selectmen that G.W. Brooks & Son were part of the team that rebuilt Rte. 3 about six years ago and that the are familiar with the drainage challenges.

He told selectmen that it was G.W. Brooks that initially suggested making the drainage pipes on to Rte. 3 larger and although that didn't happen, Pratt said the state left a stub to connect a future Ladd Hill Road project.

Pratt said the there will be box culverts where the streets meet Ladd Hill Road and that while there is some rock, he doesn't expect to hit too much ledge. He also told selectmen there is a contingency of between 5 and 10 percent.

Selectmen also decided that as part of the bid, there will be 320 hours of construction supervision instead of 220 hours.

Selectmen also award GW Brooks an alternate bid for reclaiming and resurfacing Marilyn Drive for $40,515.

The pre-construction meeting is scheduled for May 28 and Platt estimates the entire project will take about 90 days.