Seemingly minor campaign issue brings AG investigator to Sanbornton

SANBORNTON — After some complaints made to the N.H. Attorney General's Office, for at least a part of the day on Tuesday, elections were monitored by an investigator.

Investigator Paul Brodeur said a complaint by someone who said selectmen's candidate Jeff Jenkins was using campaign signs that didn't have his address posted on them was made to his office earlier in the day.

"Other than that things are moving along just fine," said Brodeur who was in Sanbornton for at least two hours yesterday.

While the complaint was relative minor as election complaints go, that one was made underscores the rancor and backbiting that often accompanies Sanbornton's politics.

This is the second complaint filed relative to this election that The Sun has heard.
Late last week, someone made a complaint about an orange mailer encouraging voters to vote down all of the six proposed zoning articles on yesterdays ballot.

Asst. Attorney General Ann Edwards said that her office issued a cease and desist order to Jody Slack of Morrison Drive for mailing the flyers without identifying who paid for them.

She said her office spoke with Slack who apologized and said he had no idea he was supposed to include that information when he sent out the flyer. Slack was at the polls yesterday and reiterated that he didn't know about the law and wasn't trying to be anonymous.

State law prohibits individuals or organizations from trying to influence elections without identifying themselves and a fiscal agent. The law also requires an address or a point of contact like an email address.

As for Jenkins signs, he hand wrote his address on the front of them and continued to hold them.