Barnstead property owner holds thieves at gunpoint until police arrive

BARNSTEAD — A man, whose home has been under construction for at least a year, caught the latest people who were trying to steal from the residence, and managed to hold them at gunpoint until police arrived.

Police said the man went to his property at 300 Pitman Road on April 30 at 11:15 a.m. and saw a truck that didn't belong there. He confronted two people identified by police as Dana and Jeanan Main of Stockbridge Road in Alton and held them at pistol point.

He said that when Officer Frank Grow arrived the two suspects were lying face down on the ground and the property owner was standing guard waiting for police to arrive.

The Mains were charged with the theft of several metal items for scrap and one count of criminal trespass. Police Department Officer in Charge Joseph McDowell said the two had allegedly covered their license plate to avoid being identified.

McDowell said the two gave police permission by to search their truck and found some kind of narcotics. He said the substance was sent to the N.H. Crime Lab for identification.

Despite the iron gate over the driveway and numerous "no trespassing" sign, police said the Pitman Road building site has been vandalized and targeted by thieves a number of times.

McDowell said this is another case of residents being vigilant about what is is happening in their neighborhoods and notifying police.

In February, McDowell said Terince Belanger, 27, of Farmington and Kyle Belanger, 25, of Manchester were charged with one count each of receiving stolen property and criminal trespass after going on to the Pitman Road property.

McDowell said the Belangers were also apprehended when a neighbor alerted police to some suspicious activity on the property.