Laconia woman loses street-side mailbox to vandalism & P.O. won't deliver to house

LACONIA — When someone or something destroyed a mailbox at 65 Shore Drive on April 29, the fallout created more problems for Hazel Zimmer than she ever imagined.

Not only does she have to replace her mailbox, she can't get her mailed delivered until she does.

Zimmer explained that for years she and her late husband had a mailbox attached to the side of her house. To get to it, the mail carrier would walk up the driveway and deliver the mail to the box. She said that mailbox is still attached to her house.

About seven years ago, Zimmer said their driveway became very icy during a bad winter and her husband installed a mailbox at the end of the driveway as a convenience to the mail carrier.

According to Zimmer, the Laconia Postmaster told her that the U.S. Post Office manual says that once an "improper mode" has been extended by a mail carrier, the service will be withdrawn provided the error is detected in 90 days."

Translated, this means that should the mail carrier deliver Zimmer's mail to the box attached to the house, he or she would be obliged to continue to do so if it continues longer than 90 days. In Zimmer's case, the Post Office won't deliver the mail until she replaces her mailbox at the end of the driveway.

The Daily Sun reached out to the U.S. Post Office for comment but didn't get a reply.

"I've been riding my bicycle every day to the Post Office to get my mail," Zimmer said.

She said she plans on replacing the mailbox by summer's end, however feels that because the Post Office delivers mail to a box attached to the house at a number of homes on Shore Drive, they should deliver her mail to her old box.

"There are people on my street who refuse to put a mail box at the end of their driveways and they still get their mail," she said.

As for the vandalism, Zimmer said her real desire is to have the person or people who damaged her mailbox to step forward and take responsibility.

She said it's going to cost her at least $200 to replace it because her husband had set the post in cement and now the cement has to be dug up and re-poured for her to install a new box.