State moves to confiscate $1,500 taken from alleged pot dealer's car in Belmont

LACONIA — The Office of the Attorney General has filed a request to seize $1,560 taken from a Belmont man who was arrested on March 20 for possession of marijuana.

According to the filing, a Belmont Police officer was patrolling the Park and Ride lot on Rte. 106 when he noticed Ryan Davis, 20, of Brown Hill Road sitting alone in a gray pickup truck.

The officer approached Davis to see if everything was alright and said he noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the truck. Davis agreed to get out of the truck and speak with the officer. He allegedly admitted to having a glass bowl of marijuana near the stick shift and a jar of marijuana in the backseat.

Davis signed a consent form and police found the pipe, a metal marijuana grinder in the front seat and a white container with pot residue in the back seat.

In a backpack were a digital scale and $1,000 in cash. An additional $560 was found in an overhead storage compartment.

After being read his rights, Davis admitted to selling marijuana in the past but said it wasn't his full-time job. He said the money in the back pack was from selling pot but the money in the overhead storage compartment was from his paycheck.

The state argues that the law allows them to seize any money that cannot be accounted for legitimately. Asst. Attorney General James Vara said all of the money was found in the proximity of illegal drugs and is therefore subject to forfeiture.

A hearing will be scheduled on the merits of Vara's argument within 90 days.

Davis is charged with one count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute it.