Gilmanton selectmen step back from association with Y-R Library

GILMANTON — Selectmen voted unanimously at their last meeting to withdraw the board's official representative to the Gilmanton Year-Round Library Board.

Minutes of their meeting indicate that selectmen were somewhat put off by the GYRL statements made after the appointment that an official selectman's representative was a good step toward its ultimate goal of eventually becoming an official department of the town.

Currier said that at this time it is not the will of the selectmen to begin any discussions about incorporating the Year-Round Library into the town in any official capacity.

Selectman Chair Brett Currier said the initial appointment of an official representative was to act as a steward for the $52,000 of tax dollars approved by the voters to fund some of the operations costs of the library.

Selectman Steve McCormack had been the representative but agreed that he didn't want to be a voting member on the board.

Currier said selectmen agreed that McCormack was welcome to attend the meetings as an observer and report back to the board.

He said the entire board agreed that having an official representative was too political for the board of selectmen.

Funding for the Gilmanton Year-Round Public Library has been controversial ever since the library began coming to the town for money for operating expenses. Some years a majority of voters have said "yes" and other years "no".

Many in town believe that the original deal with the town allowing the construction and opening of the Year-Round Library was that there would be no taxpayer money used to fund it.

Others believe the time has come for the town to fund the library and in March of 2014 a warrant article requesting $52,000 passed by 17 votes. A vote in March of 2013 failed by an equally small margin.