Support expressed for addition of dedicated turn lanes at Rte. 106 & Seavey Road

BELMONT — About 15 residents and town employees voiced their support for proposed improvements to the intersection of Rte. 106 and Seavey Road last night.

The improvements, which are being paid for by the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program, propose to add a right-turn lane on to south-bound lane of Rte. 106 for turning on to Seavey Road, and an left-turn lane on Rte. 106 north-bound also for turning on the Seavey Road.

The proposal also recommends widening the Rte. 106 end of Seavey Road from the current 26-feet wide to about 40-feet wide.

Three guardrails and some painted islands are also part of the project.

According to state Department of Transportation and local officials, the Seavey Road intersection is one of the most dangerous ones in New Hampshire. From 2003 through 2012 there were 31 accidents there and DOT officials said all of them involved two or more cars.

Police Chief Mark Lewandoski and Town Planner Candace Daigle represented Belmont and both endorsed the project as something that would make the intersection that leads to Belmont High School safer.

Business owner and abutter Jeanne Price voiced some concerns about widening the road toward the east, fearing that the work on the steep slope through the area would negatively impact her driveway.

A DOT engineer said a representative would meet with her and her husband to look at the driveway and see if they can tweak the plans to allow her better access.

Officials said the projects is anticipated to cost $660,000 and begin sometime in 2016.