Gilford will look at compacting recyclables

GILFORD — Selectmen told representatives of the Public Works Department Wednesday night they are interested in learning more about leasing a compactor-equipped container for use at the town's Recycling Center.

Operations Manager Mia Gagliardi said her research shows that as of now, Casella provides the town with three roll-off containers each able to hold 30 yards.

She said there is no rental fee but the town is charged $120 for each container that gets shipped to the market and much of what is shipped is air. With each container holds about 2 tons worth of material and it costs the town about $60 per ton to have it hauled off.

She suggested leasing one 20-yard container with compactor would reduce the number of times containers need to be shipped to the market.

With funding in the budget to build three 30-yard concrete pads for the existing containers, Gagliardi calculated that the town could save money by instead building two 20-yard concrete pads. One would hold the 20-yard containers/compactor and the second would hold a regular container to be used as backup when the compactor is being emptied.

Selectmen said they liked the idea but suggested she get prices for two 30-yard concrete pads in case the town's recycling needs expand in the future.

Gagliardi said she would return to the next meeting with prices for both.