Gilmanton warning shot incident involved rented land & burial of a pet

GILMANTON — According to information obtained yesterday from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division, the people a Bean Road man was trying to scare of his rented property by firing a gun in the air were relatives of the property owner, who had been given permission to bury a family pet on the land.

Affidavits submitted to the court by Gilmanton Police said Jeffrey Sargent, 38, of 8 Bean Road was outside tending his boiler on April 16 around noon when police arrived.

At that point he was unarmed and told police that he had been yelling at the alleged victims and telling them they were on private property. He said he fired one shot and then ran down the driveway, yelling at the people and fired a second shot in the same general direction.

One of the perceived intruders said he and his son had permission to bury the body of their dog on their in-laws land but when they headed past 8 Bean Road and up a Class 6 road, he heard someone yelling and what he thought was a gunshot.

He said he continued to the spot where he wanted to bury the dog and called his wife who called the police. The victim told police he didn't feel safe until he saw a cruiser coming up the road.

A Sheriff's deputy found two spent .40 caliber casings.

Sargent invited the two officers into his house and showed the police where the gun was. Officers said they had his permission to handle it (it was loaded) and recorded 11 bullets in a 13-round magazine and the serial number.

Sargent told police that at no time was he afraid of the people in the car and he was not in fear of his life. He said he just wanted them off his property.

Police arrested Sargent Wednesday night and he was ordered held on $500 cash and $5,000 personal recognizance bail by Judge Jim Carroll after appearing Thursday morning in a video appearance.

Carroll also ordered him not to possession any weapons, not to consume any alcohol or non-prescribed drugs, and to stay away from the victims.