Keys & then car stolen from patron of Belmont fitness club

BELMONT — A woman exercising at a local fitness club had her car stolen Saturday morning, presumably by some one who rifled through her pocketbook while it was in the locker room.

Police said yesterday that a woman called to report her keys were taken from her unlocked gym locker sometime between 9:40 and 11:20 a.m. The victim's pocketbook was not stolen.

When the victim couldn't find her keys, she went into the parking lot and noticed her 2013 Ford Explorer was missing.

The victim had left her cell phone in the car and police were able to trace it to Bellerica, Mass. Belmont Police notified police in both Bellerica and Winchester about the car theft.

During the police response, a second woman reported her keys were stolen from a different unlocked locker at Planet Fitness in the Belknap Mall, however her car was still in the parking lot.

Police again remind people who use public gyms to always put a lock on their locker and to leave valuables at home. They recommended locking any pocketbooks or other valuables in the trunk where they are out of sight of someone walking through the parking lot.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Belmont Police at 603-267-8351.